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How it works Apple Pay Australia


Ask the average person to show the contents of their wallet and there will probably be very few people who have cash in there. Debit and credit cards are the methods that most people use to make payments nowadays. Plastic is a lot more practical than cash, but there are also times when it can be a burden. Losing your cards means cancelling them all and waiting for replacements, while forgetting a card or not knowing your balance can lead to embarrassing situations when it comes time to pay. There is a simple solution to all of these problems, and that is making sure that you have access to Apple Pay.

If you own an Apple iPhone or iWatch, you will discover that there is a section of your device that is known as the Wallet. This is your starting point for getting all the benefits that Apple Pay delivers. Once you have entered the Wallet, you can then add the debit and credit cards that you want to use via Apple Pay. It should be noted here that not all cards are accepted, so make sure that your cards are with participating banks. The list of banks that are compatible with Apple Pay in Australia is extensive, so there really shouldn’t be much problem.


How to use Apple-Pay?

Once you have all your cards loaded up in your Wallet, you are ready to start shopping online, via apps, and at participating stores. When it comes time to pay at a bricks and mortar store that accepts Apple Pay, simply choose the card you want to use to make the purchase, and then hold your phone over the spot where you would ordinarily swipe your card. The transfer is instantaneous, and there is no need to swipe, punch in a code, and wait for confirmation. Your checkout experience is done in a matter of seconds.

When using Apple Pay to make purchases online or through participating apps, you get access to a one-click checkout experience. All you need to do here is select Apple Pay as your means of payment after reviewing your purchase. Click the Pay button and you are done. The list of stores and ecommerce sites that accepts Apple Pay is very much on the rise in Australia, making it easy to get just about anything you want without all the hassles that are normally associated with a debit or credit card purchase.

One of the great things about Apple Pay is that you can still accumulate rewards if you are using cards that offer point, air miles, etc. with each purchase. Security is also covered, as your actual card number is never displayed. Instead, Apple Pay creates a unique transaction code, which ensures security, and also provides a high level of privacy with every purchase. If you are still using cash or plastic to make purchases, perhaps it’s time to make things a little easier by using Apple Pay on your mobile device.

For support and assistance you can contact Apple helpline and they will help you how to setup Apple Pay in your smartphone