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Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

While we would all love to have a job that paid us a ton of money, the reality is that those high paying jobs are difficult to find, with most of them requiring years of education, training, and experience.

We are going to take a look at some of the highest paying jobs in Australia, and we are going to split them into two distinct categories

  • The first will be the jobs that pay the most, and which require all the aforementioned elements.
  • The second will be good paying jobs that you can land without needing any sort of college degree.

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It’s probably no real surprise to learn that the top paying jobs in Australia are in the medical field, which is where you often find the brightest and best minds. At the pay scale are neurosurgeons, who rake in an average of over $350,000 per year. It seems like a lot of money until you realize that these men and women hold the lives of their patients in their hands every single day.

Anesthetists, who are on hand to assist the surgeons, make over $310,000 per year, but again, these are people who have almost zero margin for error in their work. Rounding out the top 3 is another career in the health industry, with internal medicine specialists raking in over $250,000 per year.

Once you get outside the top 3, you start to see different industries come into play. A financial dealer can expect to make over $200,000 per year, while legal professionals fall just below the $200,00 mark, but since these are averages, there are sure to be some who make more than that. Psychiatrists can pull in about $185,000 per year, while mining engineers get a lot of danger pay, which is why they make upwards of $165,000 per year.

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The highest paying jobs that we have discussed may vary from state to state, and unfortunately, from gender. Men generally make more than women, and you will find that some jobs pay more depending on gender. For example, at the top of the female job list is the title of judge.

Now that we have covered the jobs were a solid education is necessary, let’s look at a few where you can make good money without having a degree.

The title of construction manager is near the top of that list, with the annual salary there potentially going as high as over $250,000. If you have the time and money available to get a pilot’s license, you can make some serious money as a transport professional, with salaries potentially climbing as high as $285,000.

Back in construction again, you will find that crane, hoist, and lift operators are up there in salary, falling just short of what construction managers make. We mentioned mining engineers in the initial list, and that is a job that you can get without a degree, although it is also one of the most dangerous jobs in Australia, as well as being among the highest paid.