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Customer Care Services in Australia

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Contact Customer Service in Australia

The customer care services are the contact between a company and the public, and they are the lens through which the public see a company. Organizations use customer care services to get in touch with their clients to collect information, handle inquiries and to solve problems and many other services that will cement the cordial relationship between the company and its public in day to day affairs of the organization.

There are different means through which a company customer care services may be contacted. These contact channels hold different advantages for businesses in building healthy customer relations and maintain a positive corporate image in the eyes of its clients. You have for instance different ways to contact Dodo We will consider each of these means of contact to understand them better from a business perspective:


Traditional means of contacts

These are those channels of contacts that have been used before the advent of the internet and improved modern communication systems:

Telephone:  Telephone is not new; it has been in used for business communication for a long time and happens to be among the fastest means of communication to get an immediate result of customer’s inquiries and feedback. The phone number may be designated general inquiry or specific support channels in the company

Facsimile (fax):  Fax, as is popularly called, provides the means through which clients can send instant documents and get a response from a company in addressing their issues. This means of communication helps customers to register their complaints with evidence to help the client service resolved the case without doubts.

Post: Sending letters and documents through postal services to a physical address is an age long practice and helps customer care service connect with a company’s clients to handle and resolve their complaints or enquiries.

Email: Some Australian companies list their email address to enable their customers to reach customer care service in writing to make inquiries, send comment or complaints about the company services. Additional benefits of email are that clients can attach files and documents to back their communication.


Extended (modern) contacts

Modernization and improvement in communication technology bring other means of contacting customer care services in Australia. It is common these days to see companies listing more means of reaching its customer care service to more engaging discussions. These include channels that promote engaging contact between a company and its customers, they include:

Social media handle: Social media contact channels give the customer care service the opportunity to interact with clients in a friendlier, social manner than the inflexible business communication. Social media provide the avenue through which customer pulse can be felt and offer a genuine way for customers to measure the customer-friendliness of a company. Social media contacts are many, and a few are discussed below:

Twitter: It involves tweeting messages on the company’s Twitter handle timeline to engage clients. Customers can raise issues about business service, and the customer care handler of the Twitter handle will respond. Messages can be sent, and consumers can follow the company and also help the company promote their products and services.

contact us

Facebook: It works in the same way as twitters, but with more flexibility in term of messages that can be shared. Facebook encourage the more elaborate exchange of communication between the customer care service and the customer.

Whatsapp: It is a texting service through which a customer can communicate with the client care service regarding the company services. Inquiries can be made and answers provided. Through this mean, a customer care representative has ample opportunity to direct the perception of the company by the customers.

Live Chat: A company that provides live chat facility for its customers is positioned to seize great opportunity to get their clients feel relax and happy patronizing them. Live chat works like a texting service where the customer care representative can help customers get what they want. It is also an opportunity to get a client to buy and reduce bounce rate on a website for increased patronage.

Contact us: Companies, who provide a contact us facility on their website opens the door for good communication with its clients. Where the customer care service is not physically available at the time of visit, the client can leave a message using the contact us form for a follow up from the customer care service.

A company needs to consider an efficient and affordable means of reaching its customers care service. The point to consider should include how easy it will be for the client to contact the company as well as follow up with the customer service. The best medium of communication should be affordable, convenience and efficient. 

It does not do a company any good to ignore feedback from its customers. Unless a company is a monopoly, a condition hard to come by today in Australia today, competitive marketing economy makes it expedient for businesses to maintain healthy customer relationship and its starts with the effectiveness of communication with the public through its customer care service.

The advent of the internet technology and advanced website services provide the opportunity for companies to strengthen its customer care service through improved clients’ communication system. Businesses who failed to take advantage of present opportunities to provide more efficient means through which customers can contact its customer care service is indeed denying itself the benefits of winning more clients and leaving more money on the table.

Today, customer care contact technology has helped to overcome creating unnecessary traffic when interacting with customers. For some organizations, making phone calls is the last resort as the CS can chat live, treat email and resolve the contact us forms issues without a phone call. Other enquiries can be treated with emails communication with the client and matters resolved within hours.

Customer care services in Australia today make use of advanced communication technology to connect with customers and engage them in redefining the tradition of efficient customer service. Customers tend to be happier, and feel better when they get prompt attention from customer service and with available means of customer communication; it is easier today to achieve better customer service than ever.


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