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How to cancel your order and get refunds on Amazon Australia

amazon cancel orders

You just ordered a new sweater from Amazon, and even though you liked the design a few moments ago, you suddenly start having second thoughts about it. Isn’t the color a bit a dull? Is the design may be a little too excessive?

Finally, you decide you would be better off without it, but you can’t help but lament the fact that you’ve already paid for it, and it may well be on its way to your house right now. What do you do?

Fret not worried consumer, for the process of canceling an Amazon Australia order and getting a refund, is pretty simple. Just follow these steps, and it’ll all be over soon.


Step 1: Cancelling on the website

While the process itself is not very time consuming, you do need to act quickly to cancel your order, before it gets shipped to your house. The earlier you cancel your order, the better. After signing in to Amazon Australia, go to Your Orders and click on Cancel Items, next to the order from which you want to cancel items from.

You can select one or multiple items to cancel from your order from the list; clicking Cancel checked items when you’re done. If you had ordered your item from a third-party seller on Amazon, you might have to take a roundabout process by filling in a Cancellation Request from the Contact Seller section, if you miss the 30-minute deadline to make changes to your order.

Returning on Amazon

Step 2: Returning the item

If you don’t see the Cancel Items option on Your Orders page, your order has already entered the dispatch phase. However, all is not lost, since you still have the option of returning the item after it is delivered to you. Once it arrives, don’t open the package or tamper with it in any way.

Instead head over to Your Orders again to click on Return Items this time, where you will be prompted to select the items you are returning from your orders list and your reason for doing so. Next, choose your preferred method of return, and print the computer-generated label and return authorization, which will go on and inside of your package respectively.


Step 3: Getting refunded

Once you’ve successfully canceled or returned your order, you will be guided to a page asking you your preferred method of being refunded, which depends mostly on the method you used to pay for the order in the first place. If you paid with gift cards, you would only have the option of being reimbursed with gift card balance, while if you paid with a credit card you would have the extra option of having the money transferred back to your bank account.

Keep in mind though, that getting refunded through credit card takes a couple of days, and that Promotional certificates are strictly non-refundable. Also note that some items are non-refundable (like food items etc.), and processing of your request can take a couple of days, so be patient.

Above all, remember that the Amazon team is there to help you, so if you ever get stuck or your refund payment is late, be sure to let them know by contacting Amazon Australia as soon as possible.