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Best way to block a phone number

block telephone numbers

How to block phone numbers from continuously disturbing you

Recently, the most utilized marketing strategy is spam calls. The business organizations will call their target customers to let them know about their products and services. A call once a week can be fine but when it turns into several calls per day, it is very irritating.

So it is the time that we block these calls to have some peace of mind. The real issue is that how you can block them. There is nothing to worry about because the smart devices we are using today have several available options to get rid of the spam calls. So here, we have a few ways that will help you out.

block calls

First step: Do Not Call

The first step that you should take to stop the spam calls is to register your number on the Do Not Call registry.

  • The services are free to use and you can register up to 3 numbers
  • It will take 24 hours to register your phone
  • In order to confirm the registration, you will have to add your email address
  • Once the number has been registered, it will take at least 31 days for the calls to stop.
  • In case that you are still having spam calls, you can file a complaint against the system.

Block calls on Android

There is good news for the android users that they have the build in instructions to block the calls. If they have the previous operating systems all they have to do is select the numbers and then add it to the block list.

On the other hand, for the lollipop users they have to visit the settings then call settings to call rejection. Now in the auto reject list, they can add the number they want to block and there would be no spam calls anymore.

Block numbers for iOS users

It is a reality that most of the iOS users not only use the simple calling app but also face time which means that the spam calls can create many issues. So in order o block them all they have to do is go to the phone application. Select the option of the recent. Here you will see all the numbers that have called you.

stops calls

Now all you have to do is select the spam number and scroll down. Here you will get the option of the block this caller and you are good to go.

In case that, you have accidentally blocked a number you have the opportunity to unblock it from your android and iOS phones. However, if you are not satisfied with this features then there are many technological applications available on the app store and google play store that will allow you to block all the unwanted calls.

Make sure that you select the method that you find most appropriate and stay away from all the fake apps and options available. It might affect the privacy and security of your phone.


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