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Best Pay Per View TV modes in Australia

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PPV Services in Australia

It is possible to find several pay per view TV modes in Australia. However, all these services are not the same. Therefore, you need to be careful enough to analyze the type of service offered by each service and then go for the best provider. Here is a list of the most popular pay per view TV modes in Australia. 

Foxtel TV

Foxtel can be considered as the leading subscription television service that is available for the people in Australia. It is also known as the most established pay TV service. As a result, it has been able to establish strong partnerships with content providers. Therefore, you will be able to watch the most popular sporting events such as AFL, NRL and A-League football matches in this channel. Foxtel has become popular among people who are interested in watching new television shows and movies. Along with the subscription to Foxtel, you would get access to the Foxtel app, which can be used to enjoy television on your computer. Foxtel offers the best sports coverage for the people in Australia. In order to obtain Foxtel, you need to have a satellite dish or a cable connection. 

Netflix Australia

Netflix is the most popular streaming service of the world. It is available for the people in Australia as well. Since the introduction, the popularity of Netflix in Australia increased significantly. Cheap subscription plans that are offered along with minimum set-up expenses has contributed a lot towards the popularity of Netflix. With Netflix, it is possible for the subscribers to watch television from anywhere. An excellent range of movies, which include documentaries and classics are offered for the people who obtain the Netflix subscription. In addition, the users will be able to follow the Netflix shows. With Netflix, content is streamed to the television through the internet connection. Netflix offers affordable subscription plans, which is about $10 per month. On the other hand, content can be accessed through tablet, laptop, smart television and even gaming consoles. The services offered by Netflix are cheap when compared to Foxtel. However, people cannot expect to enjoy the latest episodes of television shows. However, Netflix has started producing their own TV shows. Therefore, people who obtain the subscription will be able to gain access to exciting content. 

Presto Pay per view

Presto is the ideal pay per view television service that is available for the people to enjoy popular television shows and latest movies. Presto is owned by Foxtel. As a result, Presto users will be able to experience all the benefits offered by Foxtel as well. If you take a quick look at the Presto library, you will be able to discover a robust catalogue. It contains a lot of movies and shows that you would love to enjoy. Presto has created an exclusive platform, which offers content that are ideal for people in all age categories. Another impressive feature about Presto is that it is not associated with any set up costs or lock in contracts. Once you obtain the Presto subscription, you will be able to watch it anywhere on an internet browser. Individual pack options are also available for the people and it is up to you to select them based on your specific requirements. The pricing plans that are offered by Presto differs when compared to the other pay per view TV modes. Instead of taking a one-time access fee from the customers, the users are provided with the option to choose a movie package or a television package. They can opt for both these packages as per their requirements as well. 

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Stan TV

Stan can be considered as the first ever pay per view television mode to produce Australian movies and televisions. It is compatible with home grown content, which is offered to the users via their impressive streaming service. Stan was started as a result of a partnership that was established in between Fairfax media and Channel 9. People who want to experience the services of Stan need to obtain a subscription at a singly monthly fee. For a one-time fee, you will be able to watch television up to three different devices at once. The best thing about Stan is that it offers exclusive back catalogue TV shows and recently released movies. If you are a person who prefers to enjoy locally produced content in Australia, Stan is the best pay per view TV service that you should consider about. Stan is available for a large number of television boxes and game consoles. If you want to experience how the service would look like, it is possible for you to go for a free trial. If you are happy with the service offered, you can go ahead and purchase a subscription. 

As you can see, pay per view television services that are available for the people in Australia can be divided into two major categories. The first category includes the subscription services that include Foxtel. On the other hand, you can find video on demand services such as Stan, Presto and Netflix. It is up to you to select the best option out of these two based on your specific needs and requirements. 

The key difference that you can find in between these two services is the commitment and price. For example, Foxtel would ask the customers to sign up for a contract that lasts for up to 12 months. In addition, people who obtain Foxtel services need to spend money on equipment and installation costs as well. However, you don’t need to go through any set-up expenses with video on demand services. No contracts are associated with these services as well and you would get a 30 day trial period to see how the service would look like. The downside associated with video on demand services is that you need to have a fixed line broadband plan and access to the internet. This is associated with set-up and installation expenses as well.