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Best Burgers Melbourne

burger melbourne

When it comes to fast food, it’s tough the beat the warm and fuzzy feeling that you get from chowing down on the perfect burger. It wasn’t so very long ago that your choices were fairly limited when looking for a good burger, unless of course you were willing to hit the backyard BBQ. The times are changing, though, and there are now plenty of great burger joints to choose from in Melbourne. What follows is by no means a complete list, but what we believe to be a small collection of the best burgers in Melbourne.

Skipping Girl – If you are in a bit of a hurry and don’t mind eating on the go, Skipping Girl in Abbotsford is the place to go. This unassuming little shop delivers some of the best burgers you will ever taste, whilst also giving you the option of adding your own touch of flavor. Skipping Girl has over 60 different condiments to choose from, so feel free to mix and match to create a totally unique flavor profile.

McDonalds - this is the most famous burger restaurant in the world, and there are many restaurant in Melbourne. If you need to located one of them, call McDonalds phone number and visit the nearest to your home

1090 Burger – In the beginning, 1090 Burger started out as a food truck, which is where some of the best fast food now originates. Their popularity made them create a bricks and mortar location in Richmond, which is where savvy burger eaters now go to get their hand on the iconic Thunderburger. We could tell you everything that is on this stunning burger, but that would be spoiling the surprise.

Danny’s – Sometimes, you just want to skip the brioche buns and all the fancy garnishes in favor of a classic burger done right. Danny’s, which just happens to be the second oldest burger joint in Melbourne, is the place to go for an old-fashioned burger done right. It also helps that they are open late, just in case you need a bite to eat after a few beers.

The Royale Brothers – Fans of Pulp Fiction will automatically understand where the regal name of this burger joint originated, and they will also find that this spot is more than just a cool gimmick. What may look and feel like a burger that you get from a chain becomes something else entirely when you take a bite. The Royale Brothers have turned the art of burger building into a science, and you will love the results of their experiments.

Rude Boy Burger – Modern burger joint often come up with an ingredient or two designed to set their burgers apart from the pack. Rude Boy Burger does that too with the use of jalapeno poppers on their burgers, but they do more than just add a fancy ingredient. Rude Boy makes sure that all their burgers are made to the perfect temperature, which means you get a patty packed with juice and flavor.

Tuck Shop Take Away – This great little spot in Caulfield North takes an old school approach to burgers, which means you are not ever going to see a frozen patty in this establishment. All the burgers are made on-site, as are the fries, milk shakes, and all the other yummy treats on the hand-written chalkboard menu.