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Beer Yoga is the new Australian exercise trend


Beer Yoga in Australia: What is social impact?

Stress is one of the most common mental issues in the present age. The reason is the busy lifestyle and the desire to be the best. This is the reason that if not controlled in time it might lead to severe issues like depression and anxiety. Most of the people go after medication in order to solve this issue. However, this chemical based solution will not provide you with a permanent relief. 

Beer yoga is one of the quickly growing trends in Australia. We all know that nothing can be better than having a cold beer and exercising at the same time. For the self-care, it is one of the best remedies for the people that are suffering from extra stress and even depression.

beer yoga

History about Beer Yoga

The beer yoga was introduced by the Berlin hipsters and now it has been introduced on the shores of Australia where people are practicing this exercise and relaxing their mind and body. In the land of Australia, beer and yoga both are considered as the religious practices and when combine you cannot ignore the benefits that come with it.

This is the reason that it is called the marriage of the two great loves. It has a great impact on the Australians.

  • Beer yoga is considered as the fun and healthy activity
  • The pairing of the relaxing position of yoga with the beet helps the people to reach a new level of conscious
  • Under the influence of alcohol, it is easier to reach the level where the inner soul is connected with the body
  • It allows the people to mix the prayer with alcohol that provides them a chance to understand what it actually feels like to be connected 
  • It provides them a chance to open their mind and senses in a positive and strong way. 

Where to practise Beer Yoga

Beer yoga is the new thing in Australia and BierYoga is the only company that has introduced the regime in Australia. This is the reason that many people have been enrolled in their classes. In order to provide you with the best experience, their classes are held in the pubs or the beach side where you will find it easier to relax. In every class, you will come across several specialists and therapists that will help you to learn every pose that is perfect for beer yoga.


The best thing is that many new gyms are developing the classes for beer yoga but they are in the learning process so they are not that famous yet. So make sure that you enroll yourself in the nearest yoga class as soon as possible. It will allow you to find the lost connection.

All you have to do is regularly visit the classes, learn all the poses, and do not forget to take your favorite ale with you. It will be your best chance to get rid of all the stresses.