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Australia Transportation

Transportation within Australia

Australia is a country that is equipped with a highly developed transportation system. In fact, it is possible to find a variety of transportation methods within the country. Out of the available transportation methods, people heavily depend on road transport. The country has over 300 airports as well. On the other hand, the passenger rail transportation system that can be found in the country consists of a widespread commuter network. The mining sector of Australia uses rail system than anyone else. 


Roads in Australia

The road system creates a tremendous impact behind the economy of Australia. Australia is a large country, which has a considerably low population density. As a result, people tend to depend heavily on the road transportation system. On the other hand, most of the areas in Australia have not been developed to accommodate passenger and freight requirements. Almost all the families who live in Australia own at least one car and they use it on a daily basis. From a recent study, it has been identified that Australia has the second highest car ownership out of all countries in the world. In order to accommodate such a large number of vehicles, the road system of the country has been developed. 

The roads that can be found out there in Australia can be divided into three major categories. They are: 

State highways 

Federal highways

Local roads

These three categories contribute towards the road network of the country, which accumulates up to 913,000km. It has been identified that Victoria has the largest road network out of them. 


Public Transport in Australia

When it comes to public transport in Australia, commuter rail holds a prominent place. You can find electric commuter rail networks in all the major cities in Australia, including Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. The commuter rail network operates bi-directional and it is available 24 hours of the day. However, the services that operate in between Melbourne and Sydney are more frequent than others. Out of them, the trains in Sydney are the busiest, where about 1 million trips take place per day. Metro Trains Melbourne has the largest fleet of rails. It helps also save energy.

Trams and light rails can also be considered as a major public transportation method available in Australia. Even though most of these services were shut down back in 1970s, you can still find a considerable amount of service providers operating in the county. Australia is the country that has the largest tram network of the world as well. The light rail system was introduced in Sydney during the 1990s and it caters a considerable percentage of public transportation requirements as well.

Rapid transit can be considered as a popular mode of transport in the North Western part of Australia. However, the major cities that can be found in Australia are not equipped with a fully-fledged rapid transit system. The commuter systems in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are partially underground. However, they are not in a position to reflect the rapid transit systems that can be found in other major cities in the world. A new project has been initiated in Sydney in order to construct a driverless Metro system. When this project is completed, it would become the first ever rapid transit system of the country. 

The intra city public transport network also caters the needs of a considerable percentage of population, who is looking forward to get from one place to another. Cities such as Darwin and Canberra entirely rely on buses. At the moment, plans are being made in order to create a light rail line within Canberra, which would link with the bus service after some time. 

When talking about the transportation system that exists in Australia, it is important to leave a note on the mining railways as well. Six mining railways are now operating within Australia. They are responsible for transporting iron ore to the ports that are located in the Northwest part of Western Australia. The mining railway lines have been constructed according to the best US standards. As a result, the heavy duty nature of the mining railways is ensured and it would contribute towards the mining industry of the country in long run. Moreover, 15 large scale sugar mills can be found in Queensland and cane railways cater their requirements.


Transportation through waterways in Australia

Even though the popularity of transportation through waterways has reduced, a considerable percentage of population still uses it for traveling. Paddle steamers were extremely popular during 1850 and 1940. However, the usage of paddle steamers was reduced as a result of the unreliable nature of rivers and their water levels. Some of the busiest ports that can be found in Australia include Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne Sydney and Portland.


Aviation in Australia

A large number of people who live within Australia prefer to use flights for transportation as well. Both domestic and international flight services can be found within the country. Air travel can be considered as one of the most convenient options available for a person who is traveling from one part of Australia to another part. It has been identified that there are over 450 airports within Australia. Out of them, the busiest ones include Sydney Airport, Perth Airport, Brisbane Airport, Melbourne Airport, Canberra Airport, Cairns Airport, Gold Coast Airport and Adelaide Airport. A large number of flight carriers also operate within the country and people have got the opportunity to travel to any part of the world with minimum hassle. Out of the 450 airports, 305 of them have paved runways. 10 of them have paved runways that have a total length over 10,000m.

As you can see, the transportation system of Australia is highly developed. People are provided with a variety of transportation options to consider about. They can analyze the available options and make the decision to go for the best and the most convenient one. The transportation sector is expected to go through a rapid development in the future as well.