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Airbnb and how to report issues with Hosts

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Do you have any problem with your host?

The ratio of online scams is increasing and none of the platforms is safe. Recently, it has been noticed that there are many fraud hosts available on Airbnb Australia that will simply rob you of your money. On they will book the worst hotel for you that you have never expected.

It has made Airbnb Australia lose its top ranking and this is the reason that now they are ready to take action. They are seriously taking the reports of discrimination and this is the reason that most of the fake hosts have been identified and blocked from the platform. 

In order to enhance their facilities and to ensure that the guests will get the best services possible Airbnb Australia has been working on the help center that will now allow you to report the hosts as well. So here are the two methods that you can utilize to do the job. 

Report your issue to Airbnb

One of the most reliable methods to report the host is to report the chat. All you have to do is access the chat that you had with them. There you would find the red flag option. All you have to do is click on the options and the host will be reported.

Also you can call Airbnb and report them your issue, once you provide with all information a ticket will be openned and Airbnb Australia will solve it as soon as possible

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The authorities of the Airbnb Australia will receive your message. In order to take required actions, they will access the chat and the deal that you finalized with them. They will install get the idea how the host has scammed you and so according to the severity of the crime they will take actions to ensure that other guests will not have to face the same kinds of issues.

Remove host account

It is the quickest methods to make the host account removed from the Airbnb Australia platform. As when you will report the profile directly all the guests will know that the certain host is not reliable and so they will not take the services from him. In order to make it possible you have to follow the given steps:

  • Visit the profile of the host that you would like to report
  • You can use the URL of the specific host to help you find the profile easily
  • Underneath the date of the membership at the top of the page, there would be the option to report the profile, simply tap on it
  • The platform will ask you about the reason behind reporting the host. Ensure that you give them all the details and you can even select the issues that have been given by Airbnb.

Bottom line

Airbnb Australia has been developing the guest community but it is still under development so you cannot utilize that platform. It is important that you utilize the available means to report the host as it will prevent the other guests. Airbnb Australia has been providing the best services to their customers and they want to have the same ranking once again. So you should help them in the removal of fake accounts.