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How to Contact Bingle

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Bingle, which was launched in 2007, is an Australian insurance provider whose primary service is to provide comprehensive car insurance policies to low-risk drivers. Bingle are able to keep their costs lower than many of their competitors, thanks in large part to the fact that they are an internet only business.

Accidents can happen anytime and so, in order to ensure that we will get the required help to get our car repaired or to get the health services everyone buys the insurance. This is the reason that Bingle Australia has been providing their customers with the best insurance policy services.

In case that you want to change the insurance policy that you have or there are some issues that you are dealing with ensure to contact the Bingle Australia customer service team. They are available on the following platforms to meet your requirements.

You can contact Bingle via online, there is no contact number or emails, so we suggest to visit their site to contact them.

Ensure that you get the best policy from Bingle Australia so that you can get the coverage that you require. Bingle customer service is available 24/7 for your help to make sure that your issues will be resolved.



Bingle is part of the SunCorp Group of businesses, and while they only do business online, they have a customer service department that is easy to reach and quick to respond. You can get a quote online in minutes, and can also lodge claims and track the progress of each one via the company website. All contact with Bingle customer service is done via online.

As a top insurance provider with a lot of customers, there is the need to make available platforms through which customers can get across to the company’s customer support team in case they have requests, complaints or enquiries. With BINGLE Australia, customers may wish to switch from one insurance policy to another or to resolve some issues with your current insurance plan. The best option is to get in touch with BINGLE Customer Support team.

If you have questions to ask, requests to make or to report an emergency, get in touch with BINGLE Australia customer support number via online. There is no a phone line.

I have been trying to make a one off payment but your website is not accepting it. Please contact me to explain why
I’ve paid my policy in full 2 months ago. But have received a message that it was over due. What’s going on ??
Trying to pay contacts me
I have paid my policy but it’s still sending me email that it’s overdue. I’m not able to login my account don’t know what’s going on with it. I need proof of my insurance. Please help me..
I received a notice that i did not pay my insurance. Why.? You are allowed to get the money from my bank account direct debit facility. Please some one call me on 0435310254
I want to cancel my policy number with effect from 16/05/18. Please call me on 0439526596.
I want to cancel my policy please contact me on +61 433533304 I am sending u email but no one contact me and still charging from my account. I am upset with your insurance company thanks
Please advise if my policy has been paid
Some one hit my car, can I make a claim. I have third party property damage cover
Before I renew my car insurance policy I would like to include 2 new adult drivers with my policy.
Hi, I have bought comprehensive insurance for my car since last year but it was be expired on 18.06.2018. And after that, i have renewed with third party month by month. However, Bingle company gave me a invalid policy number and i still will be charged every month on my bank card. Please contact me :0431 706 678
can i ring and get a quote from bingle
I would like to speak to someone for a quite for a car insurance. My number is 0468957005
Hi i want to cancel my policy from 12 December 2018 because i have sold my car i tried to get your contact no but its not working kindly call me ASAP because i don't want to pay for a car which iam not owing. Thanks 0423420764
Pls call me; i would like to cancel my policy. Have been paying for the last 7 months. My car has been sold 0410837778 Thanks
I need to talk to a specialist urgently regarding to my claim!!!!!