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Bigpond technical support phone number

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Bigpond Australia is a company that is a ‘big player’ in the telecommunications and media industry and it was founded about twenty years ago with the headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Bigpond Australia is the largest internet service provider in Australia offering services like News, Email and online television.

Bigpond has over 10,000 people employed as staff and it offers five different types of internet access namely: ADSL (which stands for Asymmetric digital subscriber line), Satellite, Dialup, cable and mobile broadband with all covering most parts of Australia. Around 2007, Bigpond customer service was rated poorly with most of their contact centers being offshore thus making it difficult for those responding to their customer to provide them with meaningful solutions a lot of times.

Bigpond contact us option they had was through a Bigpond phone number made available for technical support but that did not help their cause either. This caused a rebranding process to occur in the year 2009 which caused the new chief executive to make it a major goal for the customer service to be improved upon so that customers can get more prompt and better responses whenever they need it.

This also meant an improvement in Bigpond services in terms of speed of internet access and data allowance to customers. If you have problems with your service, call bigpond technical support phone number and staff team will help you to fix your problems and service issues, tecnical team is available 24 hours

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Can you please help. My main email address is nrmiller@bigpond.net.au but can you please tell me if I still have nrhmiller@bigpond.com as well .Many thanks