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BIG W Customer Service phone number

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Big W Australia offers an excellent customer support to all the people who purchase their products. Several channels have been provided for the customers to get in touch with the representatives. For all the general inquiries, customers can call Big W up on the number of corporate office.

However, there is another number for the customer service center of Big W Australia, 1300 244 999

Big W Australia has distribution centers throughout the entire country as well. People can also visit these distribution centers or call them in order to get assistance related to the offered services. If there are any booking changes, customers are requested to notify it by logging into the SalesForce system. A SalesForce user guide has also been provided for the convenience of customers. Email can also be used to get in touch with the Big W customer service representatives.

You can call directly to Big W stores, below find the main stores and contacts:

  • Epping helpline is 03 8432 5250
  • Jesmond phone number is 02 4902 2704
  • Marion telephone number is 08 8314 5400
  • Big-W Erina fair contact 02 4343 9700

A reply to emails will be provided within a period of 24 to 48 hours. A dedicated number has been provided for the customers who require technical assistance. However, the technical support team can only be contacted between 8.30am to 5pm and emails sent to them would be replied within 48 hours. Big W is a retail subsidiary company of Woolworths Limited founded in 1964 and headquartered in Bella Vista, New South Wales, Australia.

Serving 186 locations across Australia with over 22,000 employees and Sally Macdonald as CEO, Big W made A$4.11 billion in revenue and A$114 million in operating income in 2015. Big W has many customer service options available on their website. Big W contact us page features various Big W phone numbers, including one for questions regarding an order, delivery, exchange, or warranty, and a phone number for questions regarding safety concerns or issues regarding urgent attention.

Big W also offers an option for customers to locate Big W stores and Big W Vision stores using an SMS system in which a customer texts their post code to a given number. Big W can be called on a general customer care number which is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6pm AEST, and on weekends from 9 am to 5 pm AEST. Big W can also be reached at a physical address via mail, at Customer Experience Manager, PO Box 8000, Baulkham Hills NSW, Australia 2153, Mailpoint: W2 B2.

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Dear Big W I am writing to you as I am still shaking after being verbally abused by one of your staff members from South Yarra. I called to speak to a team member in your electronic games section to ask about ‘how I can be notified or pre-order the Nintendo mini console which has been confirmed to be delivered early December’. But before I could even ask the question, I believe her name is Heather yelled at me saying: “They’ve all sold out, I wish everyone would stop calling about them. Yesterday we had so many crazy people line up for them. Everyone is mental and they need to stop calling. They’ve sold out, completely sold out. We don’t have any more in stock they have completely sold out! You need to call Nintendo directly and not us. They didn’t us much stock” I kept trying to interrupt to say, I wasn’t after one as I know they are sold out, however wanted to enquire about how best I can be notified for when they come in early December. But I couldn’t get a word in. When I did finally get a word in, I said to Heather, I don’t understand why you’re shouting at me and being so nasty as I understand they are sold out. I actually had a questions regarding how I can be best notified of the next delivery. There is no need to be so rude and harsh. Heather, did apologise and say I am sorry I come across harsh and rude but that is manner. To which I replied, well if this is your manner, I would like to give you some feedback and that perhaps you should reconsider working in customer service, and in particular, being the first point of call for Big W. I was so shaken by her abuse and am still shaking as I type to you now. I finally managed to ask her to transfer me to the right person as I didn’t want to miss out on a wait list if there was going to be one or sign up to be notified of the delivery date. She then proceeded to transfer me to Graham. I did mention to Graham that I was very shocked and still shaking from Heathers comments and angry abuse. I understand that it may have been busy for the team there yesterday, however I didn’t call to abuse them. I simply just wanted some information to ensure I can purchase this console for my nephew for Christmas. Graham did apologise for Heathers behaviour and sounded like he knew exactly who the grumpy, rude and abusive staff member I was referring to. He checked your system and confirmed that there was no inventory for these consoles and best for me to check the website closer to early December. I asked if there was a wait list and he said you would probably be the 500th person on the list right down the bottom and wouldn’t get one. Obviously, neither are great ambassadors for Big W. I am deeply disturbed that this is the type of responses your staff are giving customers. I work in Customer Service myself and I am deeply disappointed with the treatment I received just now. Due to the influx and popularity of the product, I would expected head office to instruct staff regarding a proper response for future enquires. For example, at this stage I would have much prefer he say, please register online if you do not already have an account with us. Should there be any updates or a new delivery with this item, all customers will be informed via email. Or something along those lines, to keep the customers informed but also up to date. Due to my awful experience, I will now contact Target to see if they can assist me with an upcoming notification for delivery. I live very close to your South Yarra store and always buy balloons and decorations for my nephews birthday there and also home accessories. After the abuse I received from Heather, I think I will be shopping elsewhere from now on. It is very disappointed that Heather lashed out on my and took out her anger towards me, especially when I wasn’t even rude to her. I hope you take this feedback on board and train your staff to deal with these situations a lot better going into the busy end of Christmas shopping as I would hate for you to lose many more customers. Feel free to contact me at lindabui.85@gmail.com Kind regards Linda Bui
Today I went into your Big W store at Macqurie centre l found what I wanted within minutes the price was reasonable and I proceeded to the checkout.I only had to wait for a few minutes before being called to the counter to pay.the staff member was most helpful very pleasant and advised me that I could complete a satisfaction survey online. Everything was great as far as the store was concerned andI would not hesitate to shop there again. However I cannot say the same of your survey which I had great difficulty in accessing in fact I gave up after the 4th attempt my unique code is 0156029383352 if my comments could be put into the draw for a chance to win a gift voucher I would be most grat
I want to leave feedback on your customer service at campsie store, I was approach by one of the lady guard of your store, in kids playing place near big w, she came to me and started asking is this your son I said yes, and she said to me "can you tell him to stop screaming because my customer complaining". I replied her back do you think I am not telling him he is just 2 years and cant communicate, they just screaming on excitement. she was not listening to anything other people around me were asking me to ignore her and comforting me, i was upset and i had to take my child away, as there was nothing i could do, cant hit or scream back to my child but i did. Just wanted to ask u guys, how do you decide to call people customer, by their skin colour, how rich they look, or beautiful or the clothes they are wearing, if not i was your customer too, because i went in your store to get shoes for my son before i took my son for play, lucky i did not create much drama, but others could call someone for help.
Staff have been cut so much at the Capalaba Store that if you make a purchase at the checkout and you are overcharged, YOU have to chase up the refund by going to the back of the store and queue up at the returns/layby counter. This happened to me last week, and I was disgusted that I had to do this over an error the store made. To make matters worse, there were 3 customers waiting at that counter and NO STAFF SERVING! Great way to make more profit Big W, as I walked out.