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Bayer Australia Contact Customer Support

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Bayer itself is a German chemical and pharmaceutical company that was founded more than 153 years ago.

Bayer is responsible for products such as aspirin, cough mixtures, and other pharmaceutical drugs. Bayer CropScience however, is best described as being an Indian subsidiary of Bayer itself. The HQ is located in Maharashtra, and what’s more, the company is the only BAYER public company located in all of India. The company has a reputation for professional customer service, Bayer phone numbers are always efficient and open, and their contact us options are also very impressive.

Bayer CropScience is responsible for the creation and distribution of farming and agricultural chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. The CEO of Bayer is Werner Baumann, whereas Werner Wenning is the chairman of the supervisory board.



Bayer Australia provides customer service numbers for its clients in Australia and New Zealand. It also provides email and physical addresses for clients who may wish such to contact Bayer Australia customer service.

For general inquiries, Bayer Australia listed the following phone numbers: Australia +61 (0) 2 9391 6000 and fax number is +61 (0) 2 9988 3311. For customers in New Zealand, Bayer phone number to call is +64 (0) 9 443 3093 and fax number is +64 (0) 9 443 3094.

Those user who wish to contact Bayer Australia by email, an inquiry form and email address is provided to accomplish their mission. In using the inquiry form, please complete the form and leave your contact information for feedback.

For the customers wanting to use the physical office and postal addresses for Bayer Australia and New Zealand, they can find the addresses details on the website

For Pharmacovigilance obligations, customers who wish to report drug issues regarding harm or experience poor medical treatment can use Bayer Australia Toll-free calls for Australia and New Zealand; please use the following contact details: Australia 1800 673 270, New Zealand 0800 229 376

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Please contact me on 03 59 44 44 66 as I have a complaint regarding your Tinaderm powder spray can 100g net - this is the third can that after two or three uses it will not spray and the can is almost full - Expiry on this last can is 07 2019 and the batch is 1061997. I have already taken one can back to the supermarket and now feel you should be made aware that this product in my opinion is inferior. I look forward to your customer service or someone in quality assurance contacting me, regards Bev
Hello Just wanting to know if I can wash my old dog in warm water and a few drops of tea tree oil whilst using Bayer Advocate? She has problem with bad itchiness and vet has suggest using the Advocate ever two weeks for 6 months. I have read tea tree baths and apply directly on effected areas will relieve the itchenness
Hi, I hope you can help, My partner accidentally spilled a litre of Diluted Cislin or Carbaryl (he’s not sure which one was in the spray bottle) under an apple tree when the tree was dormant. It is a large old tree. Now the tree has developed apples and we were wondering if the apples will be safe to eat. A bit worried. I do hope you can help. It will be very much appreciated. Thank you. My email froginslippers@gmail.com