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Phone number

Barrick Gold Contact Customer Service

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Barrick Gold Australia lists various contact information for its customers to solve their information needs. The general inquiry information provided is as follow: the phone number to call is +1 416 861 9911. It provides a toll-free number as well: 1 800 720 7415 and fax +1 416 861 2492.

Barrick Gold Australia provides contact information for media inquiries as follows: +1 416 307 7414. Email is alloyd@barrick.com. The media inquiry lists Andy Lloyd as Senior Vice President, Communication.

For investor relations, Daniel Oh is listed as Senior Vice President, Investor Engagement and Governance with contact details as follows: phone +1 416 307 7474 and email: investor@barrick.com

For human resources inquiries, the following contact details are for use: phone +1 416 861 9911, fax +1 416 307 3502 and the email is hr@barrick.com.

Barrick Gold Australia also lists various offices contact detail and customers who which to get specific office contact can visit the website to obtain the information. Some of the offices listed are Nevada, Dominican Republic, Chile, Peru, and Argentina.

Other vital information can be obtained on the website including subscribing for an email alert to get regular email broadcast from Barrick Gold Australia.

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