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Banksa Contacts for General Enquiries

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BankSA Australia is one of the oldest and perhaps largest financial institution in the whole of South Australia, being a key provider of personal finance, housing and rural banking services. It was initially an individual firm but as of 2008, it became a subsidiary of Westpac Banking Corporation (Australia) Limited

BankSA Australia is also a prime example of great customer care service because of their extremely helpful and effective 24 hour service. If you have an issue of just wish to ask a general question regarding banking services, you can reach them through mail (both physical and electronic), telephone, landline and over at their social media page.


BankSA Australia Contact Number

As mentioned before, BankSA Australia’s customer service team is quite dedicated to their cause and if you have any enquiries, complaints or generally any kind of issue you need regarding status of loan applications or system and post settlement support, you can reach them through the BankSA Australia contact number 1300 137 532. This number is toll free and won’t be subtracted from your credit.

However if you want assistance regarding various scenarios, complex submissions, exceptions and policy interpretation, you should read BankSA Australia through the toll free BankSA Australia contact number 1300 360 419.

Alternatively, you can call the BankSA contact number 13 13 76 for further enquiries. Both lines are always open during weekdays from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm for customer enquiries. The latter number, however, is not toll free.


BankSA Australia Contact Email

For general enquiries, advice regarding possible investments and loans, you can also reach BankSA through their general enquiry email commercialbroker@banksa.com.au.


BankSA Australia Physical Address

If you wish to personally visit BankSA’s headquarters to meet the managers, get personal advice lodge a complaint, or to simply write them a letter, you can find them at the following physical address: 97 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000.


BankSA Australia Social Media Contact

The final method you can use to reach BankSA’s customer service team is through their social media pages using the following handles: 

Facebook - BankSA, Twitter - @banksa, LinkedIn - bank-sa and Youtube - BankSAbusiness



Better known as BankSA, the Bank of South Australia was founded, way, way back in the year 1848, where back then it was known as the Savings Bank of South Australia. With headquarters located in Adelaide, BankSA has a reputation for providing top quality customer service, and great contact us services, making it one of the more customer-friendly banks in Australia.

Currently there are banks situated in more than 100 locations in Australia, with areas being served including Southern Australia, as well as the Northern Territory. BankSA is currently the state’s largest lender and is the biggest financial institution situated in Australia. Their customer service and phone number banking services are features that especially stand out. BankSA is now actually a subsidiary of Westpac Banking Corporation and continues to grow and evolve every single year.