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Bank of Australia grew from cooperative to a full commercial bank to become the first bank in Australia to be owned by its customers. Bankaust serves about 130,000 people and community sector organizations across Australia.

Bank of Australia started as a cooperative known as bankmecu based in Kew Victoria in 1957, Its people-oriented services and visionary leadership led it to become one of Australia vibrant financial services provider employing about 348 staff to serve its customers in retail banking.

Bank Australia adopts a value-based banking business practice taking seriously issues of environmental, social and economic responsibility. It is a bank who takes the success of its customers more important than just making the money, Hence the slogan “responsible banking”, to emphasize the giving back to the community that made it.

It made history as the first credit union in the world to become United Nations signatory on Environmental Programme in 2004, moreover Bank Australia is a composition of many credit unions that operated before the bank’s formation in 2003. The customers are deemed the owners of the bank, and they elect the directors to the bank’s board. The management is led by Damien Walsh, operating from the banks’ headquarters in Kew, Victoria. More information can be obtained by getting the Bank Australia phone number and contact the customer service staff team.