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Speak with Badoo Australia Customer Support

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Badoo Australia is responsible for the popular dating cum laude social site known as Badoo and it is one that brings various people together as well as giving them the opportunity to meet new people, chat and of course flirt.

The site is available in about 14 different languages and it was created about a decade ago by a Russian known as Andrey Andreev. Badoo operates in about 180 countries in the world but quite popular in Spain, Italy, France and Latin America. Badoo just like most sites require you to sign up in order to use it and access is free and you can then search for people, meet them and chat with them while at the same time upload pictures and videos of yourself.

However, for better user experience, there is an option to pay for premium as this will then give you access to more advanced features on the site. An example is the “Rise up” feature which gives you more visibility on the site for a certain period so that more people can see you and you can make more friends on the site. Badoo Australia has a contact us option available on the site in order to have access to the customer service either for one question or the other and this can be utilized by the available Badoo Australia phone number on their website.

Badoo Australia is a site where people sign up to meet with new people and chat with one another. It is a social media site that allows for interaction between people irrespective of their location or gender. Now it is understandable that sometimes glitches might be experienced during usage which could be due to high number of traffic and as a result, there is a customer service in place to deal with this and ensure that users have little or no problems while making use of the site.

Badoo helpline for the customer service of Badoo Australia is +44 20 7099 9939 because of the fact that the customer service center is located in London, the United Kingdom which is where the overall headquarters is located as well. The customer service of Badoo Australia is available for 24 hours every day for 7 days a week which means users can contact the customer service at any time of the day and have their complaints responded and attended to. Another means through which the customer service of Badoo Australia can be contacted especially if the call is not going through is to just fill the contact form which can be found on the customer service homepage.

I would like to cancel Badoo as I feel I no longer need this dating site. Could you please verify that you have received this email as I will cancel all ongoing subscription and payment from my account. Thank you.
I lost my account Id
Hi would like to cancel Baboo account The system is not helping enough to verified either using my phone number or pictures others. Thank you you guys my Email is under tilingservices@live.com