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Axa Insurance phone numbers

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Many times customers want to upgrade their policies and require the consultation services regarding their ideas. So to help them out the AXA Australia has the best support team. You can contact Axa customer services team by using the following methods:

  • For quick information and services, you can call Axa phone number, the service is available 24x7 and you can report all your doubt, queries or complaints
  • A special support team is available at the office of ASA Australia. Customers are allowed to visit them at Level 31, RBS Tower, 88 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia. On the other hand, you can also send a mail.
  • For complete information about their services and enquiries, you can visit Axa contact us page at https://us.axa.com/contact-us.html
  • Keep in touch with the AXA Australia customer service at social media sites like twitter, facebook LinkedIn.

Make sure that you get the required help as soon as possible. The AXA Australia customer services team is always at your service.



So in order to ensure adequate customer satisfaction, Axa Australia put in place a customer service center with a dedicated phone number to serve the purpose. Axa phone number offers a helpline that customers can call whenever they are having issues with any of the insurance policies be it home, car or even travel insurance and they can be assured of getting the appropriate response and solution to the problem.

Axa Australia helpline number for the customer service is available for 5 days a week from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am and 7pm. So no matter the technicality of the issues that customers might be having, there is Axa customer support team to take care of it and ensure positive customer experience.

On the other hand, if calling Axa contact number seems to be taking time or it’s a bit difficult reaching the customer service of Axa Australia using the phone call, then you can always complete their contact form which will allow you to send them a mail and you can be assured of a prompt response.



Axa Insurance Australia is a Paris-based financial institution that offers a wide variety of services worldwide - including financial advice, income protection, superannuation, investments in shares and multi-asset funds all under one roof.

AXA Insurance Australia was however bought out by AMP and has a branch in Australia that can be contacted regarding either one of the above topics over the phone, landline, email or through their social media pages. Each of these is relatively busy, so you may have to wait a while before you get serviced.

AXA Insurance Australia Contact Number

If you’re a new or returning customer, you can get help with regards to questions that include banking questions or general customer enquiries through the Axa Insurance Australia Contact Number 133 888.

For customers who wish to address questions related to banking enquiries, you can reach the Axa Insurance Australia Contact Number 13 30 30.

Super, insurance and retirement enquires can be made through the number 131 267 for current or returning customers.

If you are a former AXA member and wish to get new information regarding the new AMP system, you can get assistance through the number 137 292.

All the above numbers are however only open on weekdays from 8.30AM to 7.00 PM (AEST)

AXA Insurance Australia Contact Number

Considering the large number of calls they receive in a day, it’s only normal you might be on hold for irregularly long times. In order to cater for this, AXA insurance Australia has a more efficient contact form on their website where you can submit queries and get assistance within a matter of minutes.

The contact form is accessible through their website for use by anyone with a question regarding anything to do with AXA Insurance Australia in general.

Axa Insurance Australia Physical Address

If you’re in a position to visit them at their physical address, or alternatively write to them, the local headquarters are at:Level 31, RBS Tower, 88 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Axa Insurance Australia Social Media Profiles

The last contact option us through Facebook at AMPaustralia or Twitter @AMP_au



AXA is a financial services company founded in 1817 by Claude Bebear. Now headquartered in Paris, France, AXA serves worldwide under CEO Henri de Castries. With 166,000 employees, AXA has been able to make 5.61 billion Euros in profit since 2015.

AXA Australia may be contacted by phone. AXA Australia, also known as AMP on their website, specializes in a myriad of topics including financial advice, superannuation, administration, income protection, and investments in shares, fixed interest, infrastructure, and multi-asset funds. AXA Australia divides its services into two different categories, personal and business.

AXA has several locations in Australia, including AXA investment managers in Sydney. This location offers asset management and financial services. AXA corporate solutions, also located in Sydney, offers corporate risks insurance, and may be contacted by phone or fax. AXA technology services, located in Melbourne, offers internal IT services, and may be contacted via phone. AXA Australia also has social media such as Twitter (AMP_au), Facebook (AMPaustralia), YouTube (AMP), and LinkedIn (AMP).

New customers, former customers, and those with questions regarding banking, and questions regarding retirement and insurance may call one of the phone numbers on AXA’s contact us page. Axa Australia is an insurance company based in Australia that provides insurance services in the form of car and travel



AXA has been providing their customers with the best insurance plans. They have the insurances that will cover everything that you require. Their policies have been designed with such perfection that you will feel like you have customized the insurance plan yourself.

So if you want information about Axa Australia insurance plans or services make sure to contact their customer service.

Datos empresa
hello can you pls send me the forms to transfer my super out as i saw it on tv that your super is not good thks
AXA has been bought out by AMP. Their phone number is 1300 157173
I have a axa acc iam trying to find my fund no as the buisness i work for has just sold and a new owner has taken over so we need to fill out knew paper work
Please can I have your address in Melbourne My # 0417 103 412 My last address was 4 Corr street Moorabbin 3189
Hi Sir.Madam i was wondering if i have any super with AXA i did my claim form with Centrelink and it had around $7,000 was on my screen at Centrelink Computer can you contact me by email.ning7793@gmail.com..Lyall bennie
I had made the payment of the Travel Insurance still waiting for the insurance certificate to be issue. And I did send a request email as well. What could I do, is there got any contact phone number to trace up?
Do I have any axaasiapacific. Shares or have they been Transferred to AMP Shares . Can you help me Regards James Hill
Trying to access my axa super policy for allocated pension. Enquiry only.
can you please check for super. my member no is 0322146 please email me back at Theodora Pickard email address: fred@homewatchsecurity.com.au thank you