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Australian Gas Networks contacts

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Australian Gas Network provides contact information for customers to reach its customer service. Australian Gas Network encourages its customers to send in their complaints and comments using the feedback form on its website.

Customers contacting Australian Gas Network are to include their best contact details to help the customer service get across to them. For gas leaks and emergencies, the company lists the following Australian Gas Networks phone number 1800 427 532 to contact its customer service for prompt attention.

For new gas connections, the Australian Gas Networks contact number to call is 1300 001 001. Customers can call the number to know if gas is available, get information about cost and find out what necessary next steps to take in getting gas supply as a new client.

This number is also available for general inquiries about gas connections and related issues. Australian Gas Networks also provides online inquiry form for customers who prefer to use the medium to contact Australian Gas Networks customer service.

Customers using Australian Gas Networks contact form are to provide their contact details and enter a detailed message for Australian Gas Network. While completing the Australian Gas Networks contact form, customers are to indicate the state they are and provide their contact number for a follow up before clicking on Submit to complete the form formalities.



If you want to speak to upper management with business proposals or perhaps if you are a member of the media, you can also dial this Australian Gas Network contact number. Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, they can help with more official matters.

  • New Gas Connections helpline: 1300 001 001
  • Gas Leaks & Emergencies telephone number: 1800 427 532
  • Media & Corporate phone number: (08) 8227 1500

If you don’t have access to a phone or would rather put your request or issue in writing, you can also contact Australian Gas Network emailing agnl@agnl.com.au. Regardless of which method you choose, the Australian Gas Network customer service department has a commitment to helping all customers which puts you in a great position. If you feel as though the Australian Gas Network phone numbers won’t put you through to the right people, you need an official record of your conversation, or if you think your request might be a little confusing, email could be the solution.



Finally, the Australian Gas Network also offer an address for which you can use to send traditional mail. If this is the solution you would prefer, you can send your letter to the following address: Level 6, 400 King William Street Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia

Of course, this will see the slowest response of all but traditional mail still has its many advantages!



If you have any problems or even some simple questions for the Australian Gas Network, they can be contacted using a variety of methods. Firstly, they have two different telephone numbers depending on your needs. As well as the ‘New Gas Connections’ line, they also offer a ‘Gas Leaks & Emergencies’ number. Although the latter is fairly self-explanatory, Australian Gas Network phone number can be used for any questions, requests, and general enquiries regarding their service.

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