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Australian Taxation Office phone number

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ATO offers very helpful customer services and contact us details on its website, listing ATO contact telephone numbers, contact email addresses, postal addresses, and more besides. Its jurisdiction is the entire commonwealth of Australia, and currently, the number of employees working for the ATO stands at around 23.3 thousand people.

Customers who have concerns related to the services offered by Australian Taxation Office can use one of their self-help services. Or else, they can arrange an after-hours call back, which is recommended for small scale business. The ATO customer support team has also introduced facilities to speak to one of their customer support representatives directly through phone. When it comes to the services offered by ATO, security hold a prominent place.

Ato assistance

The identity of each and every person who contacts them through customer service is screened in order to make sure that no sensitive information is passed to external parties. In other words, Australian Taxation Office has introduced a simple and a fast method in order to verify the identity of everyone who connects with them through phone. This is a one-time process and from the next time that customers contact, they will be invited to enroll their unique voiceprint, which can be used to verify identity in a convenient manner for security purposes.


Australian Taxation Office phone number

Australian Taxation Office offers a variety of services that are related to taxation and any person who is paying taxes within Australia can think about getting in touch with them.

ATO customer support team could be contacted in three different ways. You can use the self-help services page, arrange an after hours call back or directly speak to one of the customer service representatives by phone.

A secure, easy and a fast method has been introduced for the people to verify their identity over the phone while contacting customer support and get the required assistance without going through any hassle. This verification is associated with a unique voiceprint. When it comes to contacting the Australian Taxation Office customer service, most of the people tend to rely on the self-help services.

There are different numbers that are assigned for individuals, businesses and publications. It is up to you to select the right channel that reflects your needs and then initiate the conversation. Australian Taxation Office also offers a web chat facility for the small businesses. The services are offered during extended hours as well for the convenience of people who are in need.


ATO Contact Number General Enquiries

How can I contact ATO Australia?

Australian Taxation Office has an official website where the customers can access their services online as well. They provide services for individuals, businesses, tax practitioners, etc. for the small businesses there is a small business web chat in order to answer the enquiries about the small business. The working hours are from 3am until 9 pm.

If you want to speak with Customer Service department, you can reach ATO phone number general enquiries at 13 28 66. If you want to report a scam, please call ATO contact number at 1800 008 540.

You, as a customer can get your customer service dialing the phone 00 61 2 6216 1111 and the services will be provided to you instantly.

Getting assistance in different issues you can contact ATO in the following numbers and get help from the needed department:

  • Ato helpline: 13 28 61 if you have any concerns as an individual and a member of the company;
  • Ato contact center: 13 28 66 if you have issues in the business sector;
  • Ato phone no: 13 28 86 if you want to connect with registered tax professionals;
  • Ato customer service number: 13 11 42 if you have any debt enquiries and need assistance in that;
  • Ato contacts: 13 14 50 if you need translating services where people do not speak English;

If you are experiencing any issues you can also contact the company on the social media, with official Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter accounts.


Ato Information

ATO (Australian Taxation Office) company Information: ATO is a revenue collection agency in Australia and also provide social and economic benefit and incentive programs for their Austrlian customers.

Ato purpose is to ensure all taxes are collected properly in Australia and check no issues are coming from taxes settlement. ATO headquarters is in Camberra, Australia, and was founded around 1910 and has more than 20 thousand employees which are controlling taxes matter in Australia.

The ATO, perhaps better known as the Australian Taxation Office, is a statutory agency, which is government owned, and it is actually the primary revenue collection body for all of the Australian government.

The agency was formed more than one century ago, back in the year 1910, where the company operates by collection income tax, and other federal taxes, including goods and services. What’s more, the Australian Taxation Office also is responsible for providing managerial services for the Australian Business Register.


ATO Help and Assistance

The Australian Taxation Office is an agency that is owned by the government and has the responsibility in the federal taxation system, you can get its services anytime.

ATO Australia also provides superannuation legislation and collects income and services taxes, federal taxes and goods taxes. It manages the Australian Business Register and provides its customers excellent services.

ATO use corporate plans and strategies in order to achieve the long-term goals. They have put the focus on the change. They want to meet the expectations and the needs of the community and to change the way they operate in order to increase the number of satisfied customers. ATO focuses on building the integrity and the culture based on the client experience.

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All I want to do is pay an account. I am frustrated by mygov trying to make a link with ATO and also with phoe contact ALl I WANT TO DO IS PAY AN ACCOUNT not to get in to some arrangement. My time is limited and I am frustrated you can help by ringing 08263915 or 0417888550
I am having the same issue trying to login to do my bas and my credentials have gone how do I make contact
i am also having trouble getting in contact with ato , ya's don't make it easy... some 1 please call me on 0436383603
Hi , I have just started a company and want to pay my employees superannuation. Can you guide me to the appropriate area. thanks
Dear Sir/madam. Can you please supply an email address or international contact number to contact you, as I need to clarify urgent issue re my financial institution details for our company. We have a personal bank account in Australia, but not yet a bank account for our Australian company. all purchases for the company have been done from our personal account as a loan to the company. now we have notice of a refund, but need to arrange for a bank account . please can someone either call me +27827708747 (South Africa) or email me on dhnoppe@vodamail.co.za best regards WH Noppe
Can you please send me your email address urgently as because of my job, I am unable to contact you by phone. Your ref 8010693205924 A. Voyce bullnews@bigpond.com Thank you
I have been made redundant several months ago and am looking at doing a cert1v in accounting and book keeping at TAFE. Am I able to claim fees on my tax