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Phone number

Apple Helpline of Australia

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Customers contacting Apple Australia have many options to choose. Customers wanting information on purchase can make phone inquiries to Sales & Product Inquiries customer services on this Apple phone number. Customers can also call the same number to get an update on their purchases.

Apple customers can as well use the Order Status page to know the status of their order. The order status page is a web application form that requires customers to enter their Apple ID and password to sign in for necessary information.

apple support australia

Other contact information is listed for customers wanting to make inquiries from Apple Australia.

  • For Apple Enterprise Sales, customers are to call 1300-522-024.
  • For Apple Media Helpline all media inquiries can go through 133 622
  • For Apple Store consumer and Education Individuals can use the 133-622 number to contact Apple.
  • Education Institutions can contact Apple through 1300-551-927
  • Small business contacting Apple Store can make use of the 1300-369-095 phone number to submit their inquiries.
  • Apple retail stores are also a big seller of Beats so if you need to contact Beats call 1800 005 608.
  • Customer who need accessibility and/or assistive technology for your phone call +61 1300 365 083.

For customers wanting to contact Apple Support service, Apple advised customers to take advantage of the online support request page where an expert will be linked up with you to resolve the issue. However, for phone support, customers can call beats support on 1800-005-608. For detailed information about Apple contact, visit the website page here.

apple support phone number

Apple also created the program iTunes, one of the world’s leading marketplace for music, movies, and games. Apple Australia takes its customers very seriously and has made it their mission to always supply buyers with the latest in technology. Support is always available on the official Apple website, and Apple offers a support community where Apple users can connect with other users to help answer any of their questions. Australian buyers can contact support at the number Apple customer care phone number.

Apple has always been there for its supporters, old and now, and with its constant innovations and increasing line of products, it’s no wonder Apple has such a loyal following that continues to grow every day. For all those customer needs more information or support, apple contact number is a good option


Apple Australia Customer Service

Apple is one of the largest computer manufacturers and large companies can be hard to get ahold of. Especially when their headquarters is in another country. This is why we have put together a list of contact options for Apple support Australia phone number when you live in Australia. Utilizing this list will help you get ahold of someone from Apple Australia quickly.

For those who are looking to contact Apple Australia’s Sales Department in order to make a purchase over the phone, they can call Apple Australia at 133 622. You can also use this number to check the status of an order to see when it will be delivered. This Apple helpline is best used for Apple household purchasers.

If you need support with an Apple device in Australia you are recommended to go to their site and create a support case. If you wish to skip that step, apple store penrith phone number is 61 1300 321 456. They are open 9 to 9 on Monday through Friday. You can also reach Apple on Saturday between the hours of 9 and 6.


Apple Customer Support Contact Number Australia

Apple also offers other methods of support on their website. Through the Apple Support page, instead of calling Apple you can request they call you, email support, or live chat support. The options will vary depending on what kind of issue you are experiencing. This method helps you to get ahold of the right department and will give them the preliminary information via the case report number the website generates. For iTunes support you will have to use the Apple support website or try the above support line to have them transfer you.


Apple Customer Information

Apple is a technology enterprise and one of the largest companies in the world. Apple is known for product like iphone, ipad and mac items. If you need to contact with Apple, use Apple helpline and you will be connected with Apple customer service department.

Since 1976, Apple has made a name for itself, setting the company apart from its competitors in an ever-booming market.

Apple is not only the world’s biggest technology company, having accumulated more assets than competing technology companies, but it is also the world’s second largest distributor of mobile products, rivaled only by Samsung. Many people across the world have owned at least one Apple product, and many own more than that. Since their debut in 1976, Apple has nearly revolutionized the technological market by introducing a number of products unique to their company name, including: the Mac computer, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, and the Apple Watch, Apple TV, and a variety of apps.

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