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ANZ internet banking phone number

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Multiple communication channels are also provided for the people who are looking for a convenient method to get in touch with Australia and NZ Bank customer support team. Customers can simply contact ANZ through the contact number.

ANZ Australia does not need to be in Australia and New Zealand to contact because separate phone numbers have been introduced for the people to contact from overseas. ANZ customer support lines, which are dedicated to transaction disputes, reporting suspicious or hoax email and to report stolen or lost credit cards is available 24 hours of the day for 7 days a week. In addition to these phone lines, a separate phone line has been introduced for internet banking inquiries. Australia and NZ Bank helps their customers through social media networks as well.

ANZ bank has been in operation for more than 180 years while providing people with services like corporate banking, finance and insurance, investment banking, investment man

In order to provide people with excellent customer service, there is a contact us option on their website which can be utilized by making use of the ANZ bank customer service phone number that is available there. As such, any information requested by potential customers is adequately provided.




People who have concerns related to the services can contact ANZ customer service representatives through Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, ANZ will be able to subscribe to their YouTube channel or LinkedIn group in order to get more information about the services offered. A branch and an ATM locater has also been introduced to the official website of Australia and NZ Bank with the objective of helping people keep peace of mind while using the platform
ANZ is a banking institute that operates across Australia and New Zealand with the ANZ being an acronym for Australia and New Zealand



ANZ is the fourth largest banking organization that has been providing their customers with the best policies and banking facilities. This is the reason that most of the people have been engaged with ANZ Australia for many years.

Some of the customers now want to move their savings to ANZ Australia but they do not know where to get the help from.

ANZ Customer service: in order to meet the requirements of their customer in the best possible way, ANZ Australia has developed a customer support team. In order to get in contact with the team, you can use the following methods.

ANZ Contact number: you can call to the following numbers

  • ANZ support team an be contacted at 00 61 3 9683 9999
  • ANZ credit card phone number is 131314. Use this service for queries with your credit card, request a new one, increase you limit and more
  • ANZ smart choice super contact is 13 12 87
  • For loans matter you should use ANZ personal loans contact number 1800 626 855


ANZ Mail: their headquarters is located in Melbourne, Australia and you can send them a mail to get the solution to your issues.

Make sure that you connect the customer's services to get the help that you require. The support team of ANZ Australia will never disappoint you.



Do you need some banking services? Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited or also known as ANZ is the largest and the most famous bank in Australia. The operations in Australia are operated by the Australian and New Zealand Banking Group with providing retail and commercial banking. The customers can get instant assistance in their concerns with just contacting ANZ Australia

Besides in Australia, the bank operates in 30 nations worldwide. ANZ provides services in the expansion markets of China, Vietnam and Indonesia. So, whether you need the services from ANZ bank, call 00 61 3 9683 9999 for a customer service or 00 61 3 9683 7043 for credit card support.

You can use ANZ phone number which is displayed on the official website of the bank that provides helplines of the responsible departments and members.

How can you reach ANZ Bank? Here are some of the official phone numbers of the company:

If you want to get some general enquiries then you need to dial ANZ helpline at 13 13 14.

If you need assistance with transaction disputes call 13 13 14 or +61 3 9683 999, this is the number if you are calling overseas.

If you want to report a suspicious email or a hoax then call ANZ contact number 13 33 50 or +61 3 9683 9999 if you are calling overseas.

If you want to report a stolen or lost credit card and get information on what to do, ANZ credit card contact number is 1800 033 844 or +61 3 9683 6955 if you are calling overseas.

Internet banking enquiries are provided on the number 13 33 50 or +61 3 8699 8833 from overseas.

You can also make online enquires on the official website of ANZ bank, give feedback on the services provided and find the needed branch anywhere.

There is also an official Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn account of the company, so they can assist you even from there. A link to every account is provided in the website, so you have many options to contact the company and use their services.



ANZ is considered one of the top Australian bank. Anz bank is focused to deliver in an exceedingly accountable manner by their people and in accordance with the best standards of integrity.

ANZ undertake a materiality review annually, engaging with stakeholders to make sure their framework, commitments and reportage reflect the best priority problems facing the business and therefore the communities within which they operate.

  • Access your cash, once and wherever you wish it, anyplace within the world.
  • ANZ net Banking is one among the most affordable banking choices on the market.

Fundamental to the delivery of ANZ strategy is that the ability to make strong and lasting relationships with their customers.

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