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Amazon Australia Customer Service phone number

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Amazon Australia is one of the largest electronic commerce company in the world and headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington. Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and has presence in many countries around the world

One of the main handicaps that Amazon has for Australian customers could the prizes, taking in consideration shipping costs to Australia, although this is only an opinion. Amazon Australia offers a variety of products and services for the customers, as a result, Amazon customer service is offered through different channels while catering these products or services.

Amazon support australia is offered through two different channels,email and phone. However, before initiating the phone call or send an email, users need to enter the concern they have. It can either be related to an order placed through Amazon, Kindle apps and Amazon devices or any other question related to Amazon.



Once the user selects the primary concern, the specific reason is asked. These questions are being used to make sure that your ticket is sent to the right individual, who is in a position to answer them. That´s how Amazon australia contact department works, few steps and questions to forward you the right department

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After that, they will be provided with two options to contact Amazon customer service australia, either user have to use the Amazon phone number or else use the email address in order to get in touch with customer support.

Apart from these services, a self-help section can also be found on the Amazon Australia website. This can provide assistance for the users on popular topics. They include everything from managing the account to managing orders. A separate Amazon contact section is there to offer assistance related to Amazon Kindle. The Amazon customer support service is available throughout 24 hours of the day and the users will be able to keep peace of mind because of the professional service offered by customer support representatives. An enhanced support is provided to priority concerns that the users have about Amazon Australia and other related services.



Though it requires people to sign in before usage as is typical of online companies, Amazon prides itself in providing people with the best customer experience which is why an Amazon contact australia option is available as well as phone numbers for the different offices in various countries so that people can enjoy excellent Amazon Australia customer service.

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Call Amazon Australia for billing and payment issues

Every customer can user amazon contact us option for those queries related to payment matters. Sometimes, clients have problems with goods received or with payments made and they need an efficient Amazon support team to solve clients claims

General queries Amazon phone number: for no specific matters there is an Amazon helpline which can manage general questions, like policy refund, delivery times and much more

Amazon Pre-Ordering Customer Support: contact Amazon Australia if you have doubts prior to purchase a product, Amazon customer care team can help and guide you to complete your order successfully

Amazon Complaints: due to the huge number of orders Amazon process everyday, sometimes there are some issues with delivery time, with good or services purchased, with payments or billing, etc, for those cases you have a contact complaint form in which to describe your problem to the customer support team. Contact Amazon Australia now

Amazon Call-back: recently Amazon Australia provides a call back toll in its contact us section. If you don´t want to call Amazon and be charged by your phone provider, you can request amazon to call you. Just let Amazon know your phone number and quickly a customer service representative will get in contact with you. For those people doesn´t want to provide their personal number, just call Amazon Australia contact number and you will have the same assistance

Amazon FAQ Area: to facilitate self-help, a detailed FAQ section has also been provided by Amazon Australia. Specialized assistance is provided for all the customers who have concerns related to Amazon Drive and Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Prime contact: do you need an urgent delivery from Amazon? if the answer is “yes”, you can use the new Amazon service which can deliver your product in 48 hours

Also is you are a member of Amazon Prime you can get completely free a delivery the same day (just for some zip codes). Contact now with Amazon and get info about how to be a member of Amazon Prime. Enjoy all benefits

Amazon Social Media Contacts: Amazon Australia also offers assistance for their customers through social media. Therefore, people will be able to contact Amazon through the official Facebook account and get the questions and doubts clarified. The customer service offered by Amazon Australia is friendly and people can easily get all their issues sorted out within a short period of time.



Once you receive you order you should check the status of it. You need to ensure the product is in good condition and works properly, otherwise you can contact with Amazon australia phone number and request a returns or a refund due to the product received is not in accordance with you ordered.

How refunds are issued?, depending of you payment method you will receive a refund from a different payment method also. For example if you pay with credit card the refund will be done in the same credit card, moreover, keep in mind that for most products the return time is 30 days after delivery. In case you are not satified with your refund, amazon australia helpline is the most effective way to talk with support team and explain what´s your issue.

Datos empresa
Hi Officer, Please call me asap. I had been charged fee for order nothing from amazon (_26/10/2016 2428 AmazonPrime Membership amzn.com/prmeUS FOREIGN AMOUNT USD 99.00 $134.15 ). Thanks! My mobile: 0451068322 Regards, Sabrina
PLEASE CALL ME ON +61 405 477 997 regarding my book orders pricing. Thank you.
Please call me on +61 401 265 943 regarding new order. Thank you.
Did not receive my order no 106-0708560-929351 is not at Wyndham shop have checked carrier said delivered to Wyndham resident...please help...Tina
Trying to reset password but not receiving email email is pshields49@bigpond.com
My credit card expired and need to put in new info to buy books. Have forgotten password and what phone number to access my account. Please contact me. 0746612647. Or malcolgalloway@bigpond.com
Trying to make a purchase and I don't receive an email to go further after you recognize my email whawkins4@bigpond.com. It is asking me for a code and I don't have a code as the emails are not coming through.
My Kindle device is saying the kindle store is currently unavailable. Can someone please email me or phone regarding this matter. I have tried to resolve this matter via amazon site for the past 2 hours. very frustrating.
I am having trouble getting though to a sign up with sighn up with the Australian account have one in America please help me sourt this mease out on 0415 345 491
please call me regarding my book order phone number is 0476145192
I would like some information in regards to becoming setting up affiliate website for Australian amazon products. I am already selling these products but will change my sites. 0416 105 150 or hazzardinvest@hotmail.com
Please call me on 0438560142, wanting to talk to a buyer
I have received an email notification my orde placedr has been cancelled but I haven't placed any order.. please call me on ±61431532644
email me on spidernate25@gmail.com. need to ask about payment options
Hello, I am trying to organise a meeting with a representative in Australia to discuss our business, The Heat Group Pty Ltd and Doward International is interested in both your logistics offering and online strategy. Our business has over 140 brands operating in Australia. Please if you could contact me on lynnh@heatgroup.com.au or +61 3 8545 7102 or +61 427 822 791. Kind Regards, Lynn Hampshire
I am interested in selling a unique range of chemical products under the amazon name. I see there a contact number or email I can use to become a supplier? Thank you
Hi I'm a commercial real estate agent based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. I understand Amazon is seeking space for operations. I would be pleased to help you find suitable premises. Ph 0404 965140 gavin.roberts@raywhite.com
Hi , I would like to enquire about parcel pick up and drop point . Could you please contact me on 0416383125 or captionjackpatel@gmail.com
Need some questions answered for a car going thru amazon please call me on 0416291747
Hello I need someone to call me asap on 0458435806
we would like to know who to contact to be a supplier to sell products on Amazon? info@venetta.com.au thanks.
We are trying to set it up but it is still pretty confusing. As a seller, do we need to have a bank account in australia?
I would like a phone number so I can place an order, to find out how to pay, i usely buy from DJ,s, I order over the phone I pay with my master card they send the goods
Does amazon offer free shipping in Australia for black friday?
i was wondering if goods listed as " not shipped to australia " can still be obtained through amazon australia ? contact norm552011@gmail.com
I want to cancel my order because the shipping fee is higher than the item's cost itself. It is ridiculous! I trust amazon.com but it seems bad service here in Australia. Expect your early answer to my email bichphuongcogiao123@gmail.com or phone me pls on 0469790727 assp. Tks!
How do I buy gift cards so my friends in austraila can buy the books they have not yet read? Or buy any other gifts?
Hello I've just spent the last hour trying to find an Amazon Australia phone number. They all seem to be disconnected or the service provider needs to be contacted. Very surprising for such a large organisation. Just some friendly feedback ok. I would like to contact someone regarding setting up an online e commerce business with Amazon. I've seen a webinar and they're asking $5000 for information. I was wondering if I could get advise directly from Amazon please. My phone number is 0409830720 and my email address is gnmulvogue@live.com.au Thankyou
My order no is 250 4397615 1079066 My complaint is that i have been overcharged for delivery on outdoor setting Phone no is 0402083898 not happy.
Yesterday I cancelled amazon prime .... which I had not even signed up for. .. today I was billed again... theft by deception!
I have tried to put my address in to purchase a product and it won't accept my area postcode in New Zealand, keeps saying it's invalid. Can you please look into this.
Is Amazon accepting new sellers on their Australian site? I have expressed an interest on the on-line form provided, but have not received a response. Bruce Clayton arctrust318@gmail.com
I am waiting on a call back for the past 2 days regards feedback which i cannot submit. I was promised a return call within 24-48 hrs, hence still waiting. Rather disappointed Pls call +61419718290. Thanks