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Amaysim 24 hour contact number

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Amaysim is an Australian telecommunication provider and headquarters are located in New South Wales, Australia. The company was founded in 2010, Amaysim works like a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, so must use the network from another operator.

They have different mobile plans, prepaid and postpaid. Also Amaysim offer mobile internet In 2015 Amaysim launched 4g services One of the strongest point of Amaysim´s services are the international calls rates and they are very competitive in this area.



Amaysim is a mobile telecommunications provider based in Sydney, Australia, to receive commercial info about Amaysim products, customers can call Amaysim 24 hour contact number or send an email to the account manager of this company.

If you need to speak with Amaysim customer service is quite easy, just dial amaysim phone number and you will connect with a representative. A customer who feels unsatisfied with amaysim services can lodge a complaint with their customer service for resolution reaching at amaysim helpline number. Whether anything went wrong with the services you get, or you are unsatisfied with its products, you can register a formal complaint to get it resolved.

helpcenter amaysim

There is online complaint lodgment facility where you can send an email through Amaysim contact us page and wait for their reply. After you sent your complaint to expect a reference number for your ticket immediately that you can use to track your message and Amaysim Australia promises to get back to you within two business days of submitting your complaint. It promises to contact you for resolution as fast as the occasion allows, but in case resolution lingers, they hope to resolve everything within 15 days or let you know if more time is required. Amaysim customer service phone no aims at allowing customers find out more about what they need on their website than making calls.

Their website provides helpful topics where customers can visit and search out solutions and get a quick resolution to their complaint instead of waiting. Some of the help you can see include how to get started with Amaysim. Learning about the plans and network, manage your account and learn about bills, payment, and recharge.



Amaysim is involved in different services like: energy, home internet or sim plans. Can you imagine if you have and electricity or gas outage? for those cases you must reach Amaysim contact number as soon as possible to report your issue, call 000 for emergency matters and for other faults the helpline is (03) 9411 3139.

What happens if you sim is not working and you cannot make calls? this is another issue you should report quickly to Amaysim customer service to get assistance and support, their staff team will fix it as soon as possible.

To contact Amaysim is the first step you should follow for any general queries you have in mind, to fix your issues with Amaysim products, to send a complaint or a suggestion to improve their services.



Whenever you feel stuck, you can think about getting in touch with Amaysim phone number for assistance and support, support team is available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6.45pm.

On the weekends, the service is available from 10am to 5.30pm, however, you will only be able to get in touch with customer care on public holidays from 10am to 6pm. Several channels are available for the people to contact the customer support team during this time period.

ring and call

Customers can use the call option or else initiate a message through live chat, these are the two most responsive methods available for the people to get assistance. If your concern is more descriptive, you can think about use amaysim customer care number australia. The emails would usually be responded by the Amaysim Australia customer support team within a business day.

Amaysim Australia is active on social media as well and you can think about using the social media channels in order to get in touch with the support team. The social media team is actively responding to all the concerns within 9am to 5pm Sydney time and you can drop a message to Facebook or Twitter for assistance. Many of you might be looking for the best mobile plans that will provide you with free call minutes and the internet packages.

Amaysim Australia is providing their customers with the best mobile plans. This is the reason that many of the people are transferring their mobile network to Amaysim. So if you are looking for more information about their services or need some help regarding your plans you can reach Amaysim contact number at 1300-808-300.

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good night, my simcard is not working and i cannot receive calls. What can i do?
You could try there number on a land line 1300808300 great number to call if you want to go round and round in circles. try there help email they will resolve the issue within 15 days. In other words your stuffed i have the same problem and can get no reply from any contact method.Pity I've been with them for years and since they got electricity they don't want to know about there other services
Where can I find a REAL LIVE PERSON to talk to instead of a ROBOT Thanks ,Vince.
Dear Vince, you should call Amaysim customer service phone number in order to talk with a representative. I hope it helps. Regards
I have tried to contact your company concerning my activation of phone number 0468352692. I have not used any part of this service&wish that the number be stopped from being activated. I have since worked out how to retain my original phone number of 0479108161.Any inquiries regarding this matter can be resolved by contacting me on 0479108161. The reason I am unable to proceed with activation of this number is because my business relies on the existing number that I had,to change it would cause me loss of business. The card number I refer to is Amaysim card number:5515531604398&the phone number connected to this number is 0468352692. Sorry about this inconvenience.Regards,Gavyn Passmore
I cannot contact a real live person as for a second time my phone credit has been sucked up in one day 0415464574 appreciate a phone call or shall change company!
I recently changed from vodaphone to amaysim last night My phone number is 0451715198 But because I can't open my phone to get my old sim out I want to go back to my old phone carrier service ( vodaphone ) can you please cancel my amazing service as soon as possible & I also want to keep that number for vodaphone Thank fiona javelin
I am a support worker for a client of yours and I am trying to contact you to help him as he is disabled and finding it very difficult to speak to someone on the phone. I have tried contacting you to speak to someone, to no avail. I am lost for words and APPALLED at your lack of service to help people. You seem to think that reading on the internet is the "fix" or chatting to a robot fits every time. Well it doesn't. Do you think about people who maybe dyslexic? Or people who have disabilities? Tell me, how do you reach out to those clients and help them? You take their money each month for the service you provide BUT you are only supplying the phone plan and not CUSTOMER SERVICE and customer service is just as important as is the phone plan. I can only hope that someone in your office reads my concerns and maybe just maybe that my concerns are talked about at some meeting. Remember as humans we are not all the same and require different needs, in saying this please think hard about people with disabilities. Life is challenging for people with a disability, why make it even more challenging to find their answers to questions and needs? Jenny W
Tried many times to contact Amaysim Ref. Account and was not able to get passed the automated system to talk to a human being. Amaysims personal customer service appears to be non existent.
It is impossible to get through when you need to speak to someone to resolve the issue. keep getting told my no can't be recognised via caller I D though it is on. This is extremely frustrating and makes me contemplate changing providers
Hello, I am an Amaysim customer living in Perth W.A. Since being connected to the internet in my home I have had constant drop outs. I am extremely frustrated by this and tired of constantly having to contact Amaysim to fix the problem, which does not happen swiftly. Please be aware that I am now in the process of contacting the ACCC to make a formal complaint. Louise Jeffees. 0414067964
why can,t I contact amaysim at all tried to ring many times it just hangs up . it goe,s through what I do not want to know and hangs up. I want a phone number to ring and aperson to talk not a machine. is that possible.