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Alibaba Australia Customer Care

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Alibaba is one of the world’s leading wholesale trade companies. Serving internationally since 1999, Alibaba’s mission is to offer people around the world an easy way to do their business online.

With an offering of over a million products and over thirty different categories, including health and beauty, electronics, apparel and accessories, and auto and transportation, it’s easy to see why Alibaba is such a popular company.

Alibaba Australia is the leading online shop where you can find everything that you like. It is the one stop shop that has been utilized by the people around the globe because of a variety of products and quick services that have been provided by the organization. Alibaba Australia make sure to meet all the requirements of their customers.



To ensure that the customers will get their issues resolved as soon as possible the support team of Alibaba Australia has been specially trained. In order to contact Alibaba customer service, you can use all the different methods available. 

If you have any question you can simply visit the FAQ page, ask your question and get the quick response at Alibaba´s site. In case that you do not get the desired answer do not worry because the Alibaba Australia is also available on the live chat platform. Here you will get the chance to contact a member of the support team that will provide you the guidance that you require.

On the other hand, if you want fast answers then the Alibaba Australia intelligent robot is the perfect platform for you to get all the answers. Apart from that, they are also available on social media sites like facebook, twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. So make sure that you get the best help.



Another service that Alibaba offers is Inspection Service. This makes it possible for buyers to hire professional inspection companies to ensure that the goods they’re buying are as advertised and of good quality.

Alibaba also offers 24/7 customer support. Customers can also call Alibaba phone number to speak with staf team and receive help and assistance. Alibaba prides itself on being one of the most reliable global trade companies and always strives to please its customers with its many services designed to protect buyers and make their buying experience safe and enjoyable.



There are two ways to get in touch with Alibaba’s helpline. They have specialized attention for sellers and for buyers. The support is given through an intelligent robot. He has access to a broad database of useful information. Instead of browsing for the answer, you can ask the robot. He will respond right away.

The other way to go is to contact Alibaba by live chat. The best way to go is to sign in first because that way the customer service executives from Alibaba can have access to your information. This will save valuable time while solving your problem. They are available 24/7, so don’t worry if you are in Australia and trying to buy from somebody in another part of the world. Alibaba can solve the issues quickly in no time.

Also, you can submit a dispute or report an infringement when you have problems with a purchase or sell. In such situations, the process is very easy because you can access it directly from the help menu. Do not forget to log in first, or the system will ask for your credentials first.

Datos empresa
I really want to buy bale of second hand clothes in Autralia ..Can you please have your contact number so i can contact you .. Thank you kindly.
I am looking for a certain type of seasoning powder that I want to buy in bulk and am hoping that you can be of assistance.. I was told to contact alibaba and they might be able to assist I await your reply Thankyou email is -- caradonna1961@gmail.com Regards Anthony
can you please ring me 0417773274 or give me your phone number by email for melboure australia
We booked an order through Alibaba with a supplier in Mainland China. Order number: 30574760032884 We were able to pay the initial 30% deposit via a Credit Card. But were not able to pay for the balance by Credit Card - WHY? Please explain. Also, is there an Australian telephone number we can use to help with these difficulties as we have experienced other issues. Regards Grant Breen grant.b@habitatandstyle.com.au +61 2 90075333 Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time
In august/september i did not receive my vapour steam ecigerettes. Thank you
Hello, I am a supplier who like to open an account with Alibaba Australia. Please advise how do I do this?
Can someone call me please Australia 0432349032. I cannot open an account as i cannot recieve a verification code. I have tried everything and i mean everything. I have business to conduct and have been told i need to wait 3 days for help. Frankly this is a joke. I need some secvice immediately.
I order 10 plates drinks and paid $14000 I haven't recieved stock and supplier not answering at all.pls can you help us to refund back My no 0420273099
WHERE IS YOUR PHONE NUMBER !!!!!! I made and paid for an order through Alibaba online. I only received half the order. I requested a refund from the supplier and they agreed. That was 2 months ago. I still haven't received the refund. Can anyone help me? This is the worst experience I've had with purchasing something online. I want a refund. I will NEVER use Alibaba again. I will also tell other people about my bad experience, and I will encourage them not use Alibaba either. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT ME? Alison Macpherson - aln.macpherson@gmail.com
I have been tryng to log in and I need a verification no. as I have forgotten my password. Everytime they send me a verification number it is in Chinese. I am trying to log in to Alibaba Australia. My email address is janmar2@bigpond.com