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Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency Contacts

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AHPRA, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, is a registry for health practitioners. You can use the website to verify health practitioners, provide concerns, or even apply to become registered.



There are a wide variety of reasons that people turn to AHPRA but everyone needs to know how to contact AHPRA and we have collected the best methods for you.

You can call Ahpra contact number at 1300 419 495, this number will be answered by someone that can direct you to the proper department and help you with your concerns and queries

There is a link to check on health practitioner registration, to apply for registration, and to lodge a complaint at the top of the AHPRA homepage. This is the easiest way to get most of this information.

A web enquiry form is located Ahpra website, this form allows you to quickly send off your information and question then hear back from a representative within a few days. You can also opt to visit a AHPRA office in person, the office list is near the bottom of the page.

If you need to send a complaint to Ahpra about a health practitioner, you can speak with Claiming Department calling the following Ahpra phone number 3 9275 9009 and inform about your case and complaint.

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