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9 Lives Home Care contact helplines

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9 lives home care has been providing the best cleaning and pet services. Whenever you are stuck in some situations 9 lives home care Australia will provide you with the best cleaning services and the pet care services. So if you want to get the benefits from their services make sure to contact them and get your appointment before it is too late.

9 Lives home care helpline

9 lives home care Australia has trained their support team so that they will meet all your requirements. You can contact the customer service team by using the following methods.

  • You can call the customer service team at 740559434 and get your required information
  • Send them a fax at 0740370429
  • In case that you want information about their services or products you can visit their contact us page
  • You can write to the customer service team of 9 lives home care Australia at P.O Box 919N, North Cairns Qld 4870. 
  • They are available on social media platforms like facebook, google+ and twitter

Make sure that you contact the customer service team as soon as possible for your inquiries. They are available 24/7 and your service and will make sure to never disappoint you. 

I recently bought a 4 can pack of 9 Lives Tender Morsels that was presented as flaked tuna in sauce. After opening the can I could barely stand the smell which reminded me of RAW GROUND UP FISH GUTS!!! I will not feed my 8 1/2 year old cat TRASH!! ! and am very disappointed with 9 Lives and this priduct!!!