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YVES ROCHER Contact Customer Service

Yves Rocher is a manufacturing company that is into the production of cosmetics with its major headquarters located in Rennes, France while it has branches in 88 different countries around the world including Australia. The company manufactures products that have to do with maintaining the body and enhancing one’s beauty. Currently, it has over 13,000 people in its employment and staff while at the same time employing more than 215,000 people for indirect jobs or tasks. The products of Yves Rocher Australia range from make-up, hair care, fragrances, and men’s care to nutrition and well-being products thus showing their interest in all-round care for the human body and soul. Yves Rocher Australia products have been tested and proven to be beneficial to the body with little or no side-effects; there is a passion by Yves Rocher Australia to provide maximum satisfaction to their customers by putting an effective customer service in place that is dedicated to providing customers with the needed answers to whatever questions they may have about the different products. There is a Yves Rocher phone number on their website for utilizing their contact us option and it is available six days in a week for about 12 hours each day.

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