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Yahoo is one of the world’s leading technology companies, offering users such services as Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Answers, Yahoo! News, as well as its own search engine. Founded in 1994 by Stanford graduates David Filo and Jerry Yang, Yahoo! is considered by many to be the first available web browser, predating even Google. Yahoo! is still used by over 500 million users and is the most read media and news website, attracting over one billion views per day. Though Yahoo! has faced its share of controversies over the years, the company is still running strong today, updating its site daily and always keeping its users up-to-date on the latest news stories. Offering users online security and the protection of their privacy is one of Yahoo!’s many goals as a company. Customer support is free of charge and always available 24/7.
Yahoo can be contacted through Yahoo phone number. They also offer live chat services, and Yahoo! representatives are always ready, willing, and equipped with the knowledge and know-how to answer any questions that users might have.
Yahoo!’s focus from the very beginning of their formation has been to bring users the latest in news and technology, and though Yahoo is not the company that it was in the burgeoning days of the Internet, it continues to deliver the kind of service that Yahoo users have come to expect from the company.
If you have any queries contact yahoo by phone and you can get information about services like yahoo7 mail and more

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