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WORLD VISION AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

World Vision Australia is a non-governmental organization that was founded some fifty years ago that is particularly concerned with the welfare of children around the world. It was actually founded originally in the USA but it has extended to Australia and has its office located in Melbourne, Australia.
World Vision Australia organization as whole serves about 97 countries in the world and has about 600 employees in the Australian office. It is Christian-like in its operations showing genuine care about people and leading them to Christ while at the same time eliminating common physical problems of people particularly malnutrition and shelter.
A lot of the operations of World Vision Australia is based in villages where people are poor and find it difficult to access major amenities; so it receives support from government agencies and other world organizations such as UNICEF, World Health Organization and World food program while also seeking for funds to help with reaching out to people in need around the world. World Vision Australia also works with local churches and those overseas in a bid to try and meet the needs of a large number of people around the world.
World Vision Australia provides a contact us option on their page with two to three phone numbers made available for that purpose.
There is also a World Vision Australia customer service for people to make enquiries or complaints as the case may be; so they are highly responsive to people.

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