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WORKCOVER QUEENSLAND Contact Customer Service

Workcover, this site for Queensland's protection and payment services signifies a strategic relationship between your Office of Industrial Relationships and WorkCover Queensland. OIR includes Work area Basic safety and Health of Queensland, Electrical Protection Office, and Personnel Payment Regulator formerly. WorkCover Queensland can be an independent government had statutory body. Both organizations are accountable to Queensland's Minister for Career and Industrial Relationships.
WorkCover Queensland, an unbiased government owned or operated statutory body is a person focused insurer targeting insurance superiority. Despite it being necessary for all those Queensland employers to carry a WorkCover car accident insurance coverage WorkCover strives to compete with commercial insurance providers and is brand consequently.
The approach is easy building sustained and respected associations with customers and stakeholders. This implies understanding and meeting customers’ needs and evolving business processes to match these needs.
Workplace Health insurance and Safeness Queensland is in charge of enhancing workplace health insurance and basic safety in Queensland and supporting decrease the risk of staff being wiped out or injured face to face.
The Electrical Protection Office evolves and implements legislative, enforcement and conformity frameworks to boost electro mechanical safeness. The ESO enforces specifications for electric powered basic safety and promotes approaches for much better electric protection performance over the community.

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