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Phone number

Contact with Wilson Parking Australia by phone

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Wilson parking australia phone number, call to receive information about your account, billing or issues you could have.

A customer representative can help you with your concern from Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm. If you need to find a parking you can call Wilson Parking contact number and they will provide you with the neareast one to your location



Wilson parking Australia is actually ranked as number 448 out of more than 2000 of the top companies in all of Australia, which is an extremely impressive feat. Wilson parking Australia is a proprietary company which generates most of its incomes from providing parking services within Australia, as well offering security, health and safety training, storage facilities and management, and more. 

Wilson parking Australia has a reputation for not only providing fair and reliable parking, but also for offering truly amazing customer service, who can easily be reached via the contact us page of their websites and social media pages, where users can then email, chat, or call the phone number directly. 

Currently Wilson parking Australia employs more than 6200 people, and last year alone the company made an astonishing $928, 624,000 in revenues and sales. Steven Evans is the CEO, whereas the chairman is Raymond Kwok.  

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I put in an appeal this morning for a parking breach notice. Breach No.102130878 Unfortunately my email address was incorrect. Could you possibly change it for me so I can be contacted back with an answer to my appeal. robyn.eddleston@health.wa.gov.au thankyou
Re Breach 102329744 I received an outcome to my appeal against the above breach. Can you explain the reasons for your decision. The reason given in your email to me states that I had access to a ticket machine. My appeal was based on the premise that I did not have access to a ticket machine. I would like reasons for the decision (from Wilson's) that actually relate to the reason I gave in my appeal for failing to provide a ticket for parking,
Re Charges of $70.00 for two hours in your car park in Flinders Lane Melbourne. I was horrified. How could you cheat my grandson of so much money? He came to town to have breakfast with me and take me to the airport. He parked in your car park and was there only two hours. His kindness was the exact opposite of your outright robbery. I will never, never use your car park again.
I have called twice and left a message but no one has called me back. I have been charged $392.11 for parking of which I did not use. I used the carpark on 2 December from approximately arriving 7am and departing 4pm. Your boomgate was broken on the Little Londsdale side and I left the carpark without swiping my credit card of which prepaid through book-a-bay. I used your carpark again on Saturday 9 December (arrived at around 6:45am) and now I have been charged the above. Again I had booked-a-bay for this day. My account is attached to my email jtmoore66@hotmail.com and my car registration is 1BH 8ZR Navy Mazda 3. Could I please request a refund of this money as I did not park for a week in your parking lot. My contact details are 0417351081,