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Vodafone Customer Care

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Need to contact Vodafone in Australia?, you have several different options available. If you navigate to their home page and scroll down to contact us online, there are a selection of options for you. This includes getting help via Facebook or Twitter.

Sometimes you want quick help though and you want to be able to talk to a real person. For those that desire this, you can reach Vodafone via several different numbers.

For Vodafone Customer Care you can call 1300 650 410 or 1555 from a Vodafone mobile device. This is the number that you call if you have problems with your Vodafone products or service. If you need a specialized department they are able to direct you.

The Sales Team can be contacted via 1 300 300 404. Those who are interested in having a new Vodafone service can call the Sales Team directly with this Vodafone phone number. You can also call this number if you are looking to modify your service, add a new service to an existing plan, or if you are looking to cancel your plan.

Should you need help with your Vodafone Cover Me mobile insurance plan you can contact Vodafone directly at 1800 371 713. This line will help you start a claim, get an insurance plan or to help you cancel a plan.

If you are hearing impaired you can call 13 26 77 or 1800 555 677. The second number, is the 1 800 number for Vodafone.

The Vodafone Australia phone numbers listed here are a great way for you to contact the company no matter what kind of customer you are. For those who use Vodafone and don’t know who they need to contact or have a general question, you can contact Ask Us Anything at 123 or Directory Assistance at 1223.

For those that don’t want to speak to a real person right away or don’t want to go through the hassle of explaining their situation over the phone, they can use the online resources by asking a question or navigating through the popular links section.

Vodafone has around 4,9 million of customers. Customer service should be one of the priorities in order to increase the number of customers

Vodafone customer care number is a information service in order to get support. Contact Vodafone now and get in contact with vodafone Australia now.

Vodafone Australia is a telecom corporation which offeres a great customer service to their clients. Vodafone customer service can be reached via three Vodafone phone numbers: 1555 which can be called using the Vodafone mobile; another number is 1300 650 410 which is the general helpline for customers located in Australia and the third number is +61 426 320 000 which is reserved specially for overseas customers.

Vodafone helpline is available 24 hours for 7 days a week which means customers can make their complaints, queries or give reviews about the service rendered by the company. Apart from the customer service helplines, customers can also reach for help through the social media outlets of the company which is the customer service Facebook page and Twitter handle. This allows multiple customers to be attended to at the same time thus improving customer experience.

Also, Vodafone Australia has a live chat option available on their website for customers that do not wish to make use of the helpline numbers; this way customers have various means by which they can obtain assistance with any problem they might have.



Vodafone Customer support

Vodafone customer support team has been properly trained to make sure that you will get the help that you require. You can contact Vodafone Australia by using following methods.

Vodafone Helpline

You can call Vodafone Australia support team at:

  • 1555 for mobile users
  • 1300 650 410 for landline users

Vodafone Australia Live chat

To provide you with the best services their support team is available on the live chat platform

Vodafone Australia Social media 

The customer services team of Vodafone Australia is available on social media platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

So make sure that you connect with the support team whenever you facing some issues. Vodafone Australia customer service team will make sure to provide you with the best solutions. Their services are available 24/7 so you will never be disappointed.

Vodafone Fax

You can send a fax to the following Vodafone fax number: 1300-308-869



Vodafone has been providing their customers with the best mobile and internet packages. This is the reason that customer prefer to have the services from the Vodafone Australia because of their quality bundles and affordable rates.

There might come a time when you are facing issues with the services they are providing our you need to know more about their services.

For hearing impaired customers exists a dedicated Vodafone phone number available, so, any customer has the chance to contact with staff team



Although there are many methods of contact Vodafone Australia, if you cannot use them or you preferred they contact you, there is available a call-back option offered by Vodafone customer care team

In case you wish Vodafone contact you via phone, you just fill the following form and staff tean will csall you


User can also inform the times prefered to be contacted and Vodafone will meet your requestion



Vodafone Australia is a multinational company which offers telecommunication services and operates in more than 22 countries around the world. Austrlalia is one of the most important markets for Vodafone business, and offer mobile telephony since many years ago and with a high number of subscribers and customers.

Vodafone has increased its revenue in 2015. The fact is that revenue was not prowing since last years but in 2015 the numbers of customer is growing (around 13.000), although still lower than competitors.

Nevertheless it is a good news for the company and now they have many challenges to increase these figures because in 2015 made a loss of $177 million

Vodafone Hutchison Australia is a company created via the merging of Hutchison 3G Australia, and Vodafone Australia. The company operates the Vodafone brand in Australia and was founded back in the year 2009. As a result of the merging, Vodafone Hutchison Australia currently has more than 7 million subscribers and is the third largest mobile phone provider in all of Aus.

The company is owned by Vodafone and by Hutchison Telecommunications Australia, on a 50/50 basis. The CEO is Inaki Berroeta, and the number of employees currently stands at around 4,500 individuals. The company has a 27% market share, and generates an annual revenue of around A$4 billion.

The headquarters are located in North Sydney New South Wales. Other notable names associated with the company include: James Marsh, who is the chief financial officer, Benoit Hanssen, the chief technology officer, Ben McIntosh, the director of sales, and Loo Fun Chee, the chief marketing officer.

Vodafone is a telecommunications provider that stared business in the UL back in 1991. Since that time, they have expanded their operations to 26 other countries, whilst also maintaining partner networks in 26 more.

They moved into Australia as part of a joint venture in 2009, and operate there as Vodafone Hutchinson Australia, with their corporate offices in North Sydney, NSW. The Australian arm of their business currently employs around 4,500 people, and are the third largest provider in the country with over 7 million subscribers. You can contact the company directly from your Vodafone device or you can call customer service.

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