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VILLAGE ROADSHOW Contact Customer Service

Village Roadshow, or Village Roadshow LTD, to give them their full name, is a limited company located within Australia that was founded way back in the early 1950s, 1954 to be precise, by Roc Kirby. Village Roadshow specializes in media and has a vested interest in film production, theme parks, and cinema. Head on over to the website and the professionalism with instantly hit you as you will see that their customer service is state of the art, Village Roadshow contact us details are clear, concise, and to the point, and the phone number, email, and various other contact details just could not be easier to understand. Robert G Kirby is the CEO, and the company was actually originally started up to provide village drive-ins, also known as village drive-ins and cinemas, as they were the very first drive in movie theatres to be located within Australia, within Croydon Village, which incidentally, is where the company gets its ‘Village’ name from. Nowadays they average around $1.256 million Australian Dollars and, thanks to new investment, they look set to expand their reach even further.

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