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Vicroads Customer Service Contacts

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VicRoads Australia is a government agency that was founded some 27 years ago and it has the headquarters located in Victoria, Australia, hence the name. Recently, it had a net income of about one billion Australian dollars while having almost 3,000 people as employees. Services provided by VicRoads Australia include registration of vehicles, regulation of accident towing, drivers licensing and testing as well as formation of policies guiding road safety and road use.

Principally, it’s an agency concerned road and traffic issues in the state of Victoria in Australia. VicRoads has various regional offices in different locations situated in Melbourne so that citizens of the state can conveniently make use of the contact us option in order to report any problems being faced in road usage.

Also, each of these regional offices had VicRoads phone numbers by which they can be contacted to report cases of emergencies so that immediate and appropriate responses can be provided by the agency in order to ensure safety of lives on the roads. The major goal of the VicRoads agency was to manage the road system in the state of Victoria in such a way that it would be sustainable and possible for it to accommodate public transport, walking and cycling trips conveniently and adequately.

Contact with Vicroads in the following phone number 3 8391 3216

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