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Veda Advantage Customer service contacs

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Veda Australia is the Australian division of Equifax. The company specializes in helping you to protect your identity and monitor any changes that happen with your identity. Monitoring your identity is an important factor in today’s society, theft and hacking are so easy that criminals can quickly impersonate someone. Should you need to get ahold of Veda Australia with questions or concerns we have gathered the information you need in order to get ahold of them.

In case you need to get a company credit report, you can request it through veda´s website or also reaching veda contact phone number 138 332.

call veda credit scoring

Personal customers can use the contact form here to sent their queries, just fill out the form with all of the information you have and someone will get back to you within five days. The form asks for a lot of information but this information helps them to authenticate that it is you they are conversing with so that your information is safeguarded. You wouldn’t want just anyone being able to ask questions.

If you would like to talk to someone on the phone you can request a call by using the link on the page listed above. You will need to put in your name and phone number, then a customer service representative will contact you

For those who are having issues with their credit, they should contact their credit provider first. If that proves unsuccessful, you can contact the Equifax Credit Resolution Center. In case you have not success you can reach veda phone number in order support team can assist you.

Business customers may need to contact Veda Australia too, so customers can find a similar business contact form that is specifically designed for businesses to contact them.

Veda phone number for general queries is 61 1300 762 207. You can call this number for help but you may need to wait for a call back from a specialized department depending on your needs.

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Hi, I would like to access my credit score. I have been told that veda was not able to identify me against your records. Would like to rectify this. Regards, Noemi Nagy
Could you please update my financial Account records and advise me of this. Regards, timwebster1987@gmail.com