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UGG AUSTRAIA Contact Customer Service

As a matter of fact, UGG Australia was founded in 1984, thus, it been running for over 34 years, they are the ultimate Australian icon well known for their original Ugg boots. Additionally, they are located in Melbourne, Australia and they are the only available sheepskin footwear manufacturer around that region.
Further, not only do they have their rule and regulations concerning their products, but they also believe that clients have the right to know about their products and where it comes from.
Their work is done with detailed perfection in that they cut, stitch and glue each pair of sheepskin boot, furthermore, they are proud of their products and name. They offer a variety of products for:
Home wares
Consequently, UGG products have been tested and it is genuine, maybe undergoing a lot of trial and errors, but judging by the outcome it seems they have made it. Below are characteristics of some of their product:
Australian made and owned
Sheepskins are tanned in Last sheepskin footwear tannery in Australia. The type of sheepskin used in the Australian Merino double faced one UGG Australia boots are reinforced and double-stitched for added strength and durability
It regulates the body temperature, regardless of the season, UGG Australia products are eco-friendly
All in all, Ugg Australia is well known companies with their phenomenal sheepskin items, for further information, do not hesitate to contact UGG Australia or visit their webpage at

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