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UBS Australia free phone numbers

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UBS Australia is a member of the UBS Global, which provides a range of financial services to its global clients and traces its existence to 1856. The Australian arm of UBS Global has the mandate to provide its private, corporate and institutional clients exceptional services in asset management and investment banking.

Following a decision of UBS Global to withdraw from Australian’s domestic wealth management market, UBS Wealth Management Australia Ltd (UBS Wealth Management) was sold to Crestone holdings limited. UBS Australia, since June 2016, continues to offer Crestone and its clients with securities execution, clearing and settlement, access to global investment intelligence, capital market offers and some discretionary Portfolio Management investment mandates and managed funds.

UBS Australia provides investment banking services including expert advice, innovative financial solutions and capital market access to its Australian clients. The company maintains offices in Australia and New Zealand in Melbourne VIC, Sydney NSW, and Perth WA, Brisbane QLD, and Auckland. UBS Australia's over 30 year’s existence has approximately 65 employees in Australia and New Zealand and headed by Bryce Doherty. It stands among the largest asset managers in Australia with about $45 billion of investment assets in the Australian market as at December 2015.

Individuals and corporate investors needing more information can contact the UBS customer service in any office close to them, also customer can reach UBS free phone number to get assistance and support about UBS products.

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