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Trivago Australia contact methods

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Trivago is a travel website that aims to help travelers get connected with the best possible deals. You could rent cars or make hotels booking in Triage website, all you need to get a great vacation can be got from their site. When you are buying such a big ticket item as a plane ticket, you need to know that you can get customer service. We have put together all of the customer service contact information for Trivago Australia.

Your journey for help with Trivago can start on their support website: http://company.trivago.com.au/support/. This is the first place that Trivago suggests customers go to receive support. You can see some of the most common questions that people ask and the answers. 

Should you have a problem with the booking process itself, you can contact Trivago via their contact form here: http://company.trivago.com.au/booking-problems/. This their first recommended contact method as Trivago does not have an Australia based number.

The nearest phone number available for Trivago is 49 211 540 650. This number is based out of Germany. Calling this number will likely incur long distance charges as it is out of the country.

If you have made a booking and need to cancel or modify it, Trivago is unable to assist you. Trivago is a third party listing sight and your booking is made with another service such as booking.com or Expedia. Trivago asks that you contact the booking service that they directed you to if there is a problem with your trip.

If you are looking to leave feedback for Trivago, there is a contact form specifically for that. You can find that contact form at this link: http://company.trivago.com.au/feedback/. Comments, concerns, and other input can be directed to Trivago with that form. 

Trivago isn’t the most customer service oriented company and part of the reason that is, is the platform of the website. The website is way to find the lowest prices available through other booking services. All of your actual bookings are made through a different website. Trivago does not have access to the other site’s tools to make your order right, or they would.



Trivago is a German based company out of Dusseldorf that provides travel information for over 50 million users each month. Trivago was conceived back in 2004 by a trio of German entrepreneurs named Peter Vinnemeier, Malte Siewert, and Rolf Schomgens, and officially went online in 2005.

In the 10 years that Trivago has been in business, they have become one of the most successful startups in Europe. Trivago Australia was purchased by Expedia for 477 million Euros is 2012, but still continue to operate as their own entity. Annual revenues are upwards of $500 million annually, with roughly 55 different countries served. In case you need to contact with Trivago, they offers a German helpline for customers.

What is your phone number for Australia? That number up there appears to be too long for a mobile number. Can I book here in Australia through an agent based here in Brisbane, Australia or not? Thank you. Kind Regards (my email is weaner_dog@Hotmail.com.
You misrepresent your service unscrupulously. When I ask for dog friendly hotels you pop up with lists of hotels but when I investigate they are not pet friendly. I will now never use your service and you sHould be more honest.
Please unsubsribe me from all Trivago emails. I am 84 years old and can not travel.
I have booked a motel in Durant Oklahoma but have forgotten to put down the name down I may need to change the days as we have been invited to stay at the cassino in Choctaw. Can you please get back to me asap as I only have to wed afternoon to let them know. I only got the email late today you can contact me on 0419997942 on clarkelady@hotmail.com . Thank you Christine