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TRIPLE J Contact Customer Service

Triple J is an Australian radio company which first aired in 1975 on January 19th. The station is broadcast throughout Australian FM and DAB and worldwide via online internet radio. The station mostly broadcasts music, current affairs, and youth culture. Triple J first started off as Double Jay in the earliest history of the station. Despite Triple J being a radio station, they do in fact have contact pages and numbers available for customer service. Triple J has a contact us page on Triple J website which features various phone numbers, including a number to contact programs during “talkback” or a phone number for SMS text messaging. Triple J also has many online forms and emails available, which include an official complaints form, music questions, radio programming comments and queries, radio feedback form, and reception problems. However, before anything else, Triple J recommends its listeners to check out the Triple J FAQ page before putting in any inquiries. The website also offers a “find us” option, to help listeners to find the frequency they ought to set their radios to in order to listen to the Triple J station. There is an also an option to listen to Triple J on TV stations ABC1 and ABC2. Triple J address: triple j, GPO Box 9994

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