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TRAVELEX Contact Customer Service

Travelex is a forex company headquartered in London. Its main companies are international obligations, and issuing pre-paid bank cards for use by traveller. It's the world's greatest forex bureau and it is a significant donor and sponsor of the Royal Country wide Theatre. Travelex is growing its global network by extending into new market segments (both naturally and through acquisition) and by buying new stores, ATMs and its own online platform.
Travelex operates in over 80 currencies and conduct business in over 50 countries. Our customers will get us online and in over 1,500 stores, including all the major international airports. We've over 1,250 ATMs throughout the global world. Travelex also manage foreign currency services for partners including banks, travel and supermarkets agencies, extending our reach to over 100 countries and 20,000 locations.
Furthermore to offering forex services immediate to retail customers, Travelex also works together with a variety of business companions to offer forex services with their customers. Travelex have long-term tactical connections with lots of airport terminal providers, retailers, travel companies and finance institutions to supply them with retail forex, outsourcing and inexpensive banknote solutions. Among Travelex's core prices is 'arranging the precious metal standard' and it works together with regulators around the world to set the best criteria of integrity within forex.

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