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TRANSPORT AND MAIN ROADS Contact Customer Service

Transport and main Roads also known as TMR Australia Highways is a division of the Queensland Administration. The opportunity of work within the section is gigantic, from developing plan which will condition the Queensland into the future, around long-term move planning and growing technology such as robotic vehicles, to ground-breaking innovations in more environmentally ecological and cheap paving by using recycled tyres. TMR is a division which embraces development and is focused on customer service. Each day Queenslanders rely on the travel network to encourage them to work, to school, and health care. As the utmost decentralized point out in Australia, transportation is an integral driver of economic expansion, and we are in the front type of planning, maintaining and developing the comprehensive network required to keep Queensland moving. Creating an individual integrated carry network accessible to everyone. TMR Customer support centers handle basic inquiries, vehicle licensing and registration, Driver Diagnosis bookings, and Vehicle Inspections. Street works are essential to generate new streets and keep our existing ones safe however, roadwork sites can be dangerous. You will need to consider extra attention when driving a vehicle through street works this is for your safeness and the protection of the street personnel who are increasing our roads. Every once in a while research is performed on the highway network, including by 3rd party organizations and people. If you need to call Transport and main Roads use the above phone number

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