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TOSHIBA AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Toshiba go after excellence in every matter. By using a smart and strong program of the latest knowledge, we undertake attempts for an improved environment and assure our contribution to contemporary society. We give our companies the area wherein they can live, expand and develop. Along with the new management team and governance composition, Toshiba all together will unite to remember to restore the trust of shareholders, investors, all the stakeholders and people of the general public, and requests your understanding and ongoing support. Toshiba is headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan and worldwide has operations. Toshiba is arranged into four main business groupings: the Digital Products Group, the GADGETS Group, the real kitchen appliances Group and the Public Infrastructure Group. Toshiba offers a variety of products and services, including as units, gadgets (including television sets and DVD and Blu-ray and Blu-ray players), semiconductors, control systems, kitchen appliances (including refrigerators and washers), light, materials and electronic digital components, medical equipment, office equipment, , IT services, electric power systems electricity transmitting and syndication systems, business telecommunication equipment computers and TFT displays. Toshiba tries to provide the necessity of most people our customers especially, employees and shareholders, by employing forward-looking corporate and business strategies while undertaking sensible and reactive business activities. Nearly as good corporate citizens, we add further the purpose of the world positively. Toshiba customer service provides solution of each problem and query if you have any contact us.

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