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Ticketek Customer Service phone number

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Ticketek is an Australian company which was founded in 70 decade and is considered as one of the largest ticket sales company in the world. Ticketek is focused mainly in 2 markets, Australia and New Zealand.

How to contact Ticketek Australia and when? Ticketek Australia accepts phone calls for general queries or bookings, but its website provides all information a customer may need. It does have a Ticketek contact us facility to send or receive an email as well. Moreover, the website is a fully automated, self-service platform that gives the customer the opportunity to address every concern they may have.

Customers who have inquiry can visit FAQ page and to find the information that is relevant to their needs without having to talk to any ticketek support staff.


How Customer will receive their tickets? Ticketek is in charge to deliver tickets prior the event, in case customer has not received it, he/she should call to ticketek australia contact number melbourne 13 28 49 in order to ask for it. Some customers claim about ticketek phone number is always busy and line engaged, but that´s due to the high number of calls are received (it´s not possible to attend all of them). When an event is cancelled for any reason, obviously customer will receive a full refund of their tickets purchased from Ticketek Customer Service.

ticketek phone

If you need to contact Ticketek insurance there is a Ticketek contact number for insurance purposes, the ticketek australia phone number sydney is +61 (0) 2 8907 5085 and you can call ticketek helpline only at available hours. Also you can contact by email to Cover More customerrelations@covermore.com.au



For additional information, Ticketek Australia operates a dedicated team of customer care representatives, operates over 75 agencies outlets throughout Australia, in order to offer many chances to contact Ticketek using their contact phone number. Users who wish to contact Ticketek customer service can also visit the following link http://ticketek.custhelp.com/app/answers/list, or go to the search box provided on Ticketek Australia website and type “call centers” in the search box located top-right of the site.

calling ticketek

Ticketek Australia sells more than 20 million of tickets per year and provides information and support through Ticketek Customer Service Department. Users usually reach Ticketek phone number to buy tickets and get in contact with support team, to obtain assistance about tickets sales, billing, refunds, complaints and more information.

The challenge of Ticketek services it´s to offer an easy way for purchasing tickets and to satisfy their customer. To achieve that goal, Ticketek provides an efficient Ticketek customer support to attend all queries received from customers

Which services can be provided to you as a Ticketek customer?

  • An exchange or a refund of your funds you can get only if the event is cancelled, relocated or rescheduled, and this is in case if you don’t want to attend the relocated or rescheduled event. For any assistance related to pay tickets or billing call Ticketek helpline 13 28 49.
  • The tickets can be sold and purchased online via some online auction sites only if it is applicable in the terms and conditions of Ticketek Australia
  • The agencies or the box offices of the companies can be found anywhere in the country. For further information you can visit the official website of the company or call Ticketek agencies on the number 13 19 31 and you will get the required information.

If you need any assistance with your ticket which is purchased already, then you can also submit an online form with the general queries you have. You need to provide your general information about your ticket, for which event is purchased, where the location of the event and a Ticketek customer care representative will respond as soon as possible

Then you need to choose the sub-category and type the issue you have. You will need to write the Ticketek account number and the transaction number in the fields provided.

If you wish Ticketek Australia contact you then you need to provide information as much as you can, information like first and last name, phone, email address need to be provided and the company will send you an email with their answer.

Ticketek Australia has accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can follow the official profile of the company if you think that you can get information on the social media.



Ticketek Agencies Contacts

Find below Ticketek agencies in which tickets are provided, please be aware the agencies mentioned below doesn´t accept customer service calls, so they will not provide customer care support related your tickets purchased. This information is also provided in Ticketek contact us section:

Ticketek Agencies in Victoria (VIC)

Ticketek Agencies in Western Australia (WA)

Ticketek Agencies in Northern Territory-NT

Ticketek Agencies in Tasmania (TAS)

Ticketek Agencies in South Australia (SA)

Ticketek Agencies in New South Wales (NSW)

Ticketek Agencies in Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Ticketek Agencies in Queensland-QLD

Ticketek Agency Bruce located in AIS Arena, Leverrier St with the following opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday - Sunday 10am-4pm

Ticketek Agency Weston located in Songland Records, Cooleman Court, Upper Level, Shop T7, 26 Brierly Street with the following opening hours: Monday - Wednesday 9am-5.30pm, Thursday 9am-7pm, Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

Ticketek Agency Sydney CBD located in Westfield Sydney City Level 5, Shop 5006A, Castlereagh St with the following opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 10am-2pm

Ticketek Agency Cronulla located in Sharkies - Cronulla Sutherland Leagues Club,461 Captain Cook Drive with the following opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm and

Ticketek Agency Enmore located in Enmore Theatre, 130 Enmore Rd with the following opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday 10am-4pm

Ticketek Agency Kensington located in NIDA Theatres, 215 Anzac Pde with the following opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Ticketek Agency Penrith located in Penrith Panthers, Mulgoa Road, Penrith with the following opening hours: Monday - Sunday 9am-10pm

Ticketek Agency Pyrmont located in Ticketek at Star Casino,80 Pyrmont Street with the following opening hours: Monday -Saturday 12pm-5pm

Ticketek Agency Revesby located in Revesby Workers Club, 2B Brett Street with the following opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday - Sunday 9am-6pm

Due to agencies cannot provides support and assistance to customer, best way to get help is using the following Ticketek phone number opening hours 131-931 from 9 am to 17 pm, Monday to Friday

contact ticketek

You can get in contact with ticketek perth, ticketek adelaide or ticketek melbourne dialing the following number offered within “contact us” section



Some customers send complaints related to Ticketek head office phone number based on the fact, the number is frequently engaged. Despite those issues, the fastest way to contact ticketek is dialing ticketek helpline.

In the following link, user can download a claim form https://www.covermore.com.au/aucm/pdf/claim-form/ticketek/auscm-c069-tiketek-claim-form-may16-6a.pdf

Once the form is completed, you have to print it and send it to Ticketek address: Cover-More Claims Department, Private Bag 913 and North Sydney NSW 2059 (Australia)



Besides the information provided in their website, Ticketek Australia also maintain a Social Networks pages to provide a source of information to its clients. The Facebook page link is the following: https://www.facebook.com/TicketekAustralia

In this site, ticketek share information about next events, news and more.

Also, Ticketek uses a twitter page for those users who like this famous social network. Like in Facebook, ticketek provide information about their service and further news. Ticketek twitter site is https://twitter.com/ticketek_au

Finally, Ticketek connects with users through Instagram page where photos and images are shared. The Ticketek instagram page link is https://www.instagram.com/ticketekaustralia/




Ticketek Street Address: Level 3, 175 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000

Price range: 
I tried to book tickets for the Hopman Cup yesterday. The Computer came up with error can't proceed - and I have no confirmation of seats or tickets BUT YOU HAVE MANAGED TO DEBIT MY CREDIT CARD. I really need to speak to someone for some clarification ASAP. Spent yesterday afternoon dialling Customer Service for engaged signal - no support from anywhere. Surely you should have a system to follow up on this. There is no such thing as Customer Service at Ticketek.
The same thing happened to me yesterday trying to buy tickets to Bruce Springsteen tickets for Brisbane concert..went all the way through ordered 3 premium tickets ... $922 including postage and handling.. Only for a message to come up saying my credit card details had errors.. Only to double check my bank to find ticktek had successfully billed my credit card.. Been trying since 3:30 yesterday to speak to sumone and still no luck at all.. Will be talking to ombudsman shortly... Anyone else having similar problems ??
Did you any success. Money taken from my account nothing in my purchase history no email confirmation received. And have made over 400 hundred calls to customer service line and can't get through.
This is not quite what happened to me but I purchased 2 tickets on the 12th October and now realising the event is coming up I have just printed them from my e-mail. The tickets themselves say they only cost $40.75 each however my confirmation e-mail tells me they charged me $89.10 for each ticket, handling fee of $4.95 and a booking fee of $49.50!!! This seems very excessive!! Total of $232.65 for what looks like $81.50 worth of tickets!!! I am also having trouble getting through on the phone to Ticketek with a constant engaged signal!
My email address is chrisparr@westnet.com.au mobile phone 0438008709 I need some help please. On the 22nd of February 2017 I purchased three tickets for the Sherman Big Band event in Perth which was part of the Perth International Arts Festival. Due to some unacceptable programs management I was told I was entitled to a full refund. I purchased the tickets from the Tiketec Agency at the Bunbury Entertainment Centre. As I paid for the tickets with cash I so far have not received any repayment. It would help me if I could have a hard copy of the ticket or an email from Ticketic that I purchased the tickets. The Bunbury ticket office have managed to provide the following details: Bunbury 22/02/2017 05.09 pm Perfect Code: EFG 26th Feb 17 QBREC Cash $160.02 Billing No.: 151482 Section SGA Row 1742 - 1744 Billing details: Mr Christopher Parr EFT Auth Approved EFTS. End of legend My principal concern is that we were allotted seats but when we entered the concert area THERE WERE NO ALLOTED SEATS and we were told we could stand or sit on a bare floor; being rather too old for this and there being much confusion we requested and were told by the event Manager we could obtain a full refund. So any help or advice would be extremely appreciated. I do understand this is not you problem and the amount is not significant, but if the administration of the Perth International Arts Festival is allowed to treat paying customers in such a cavalier manner I fear that other patrons may also be treated in the same way. Regards Chris Parr
Hi today I made two purchases that have been confirmed by email. The first is to Keith urban, transaction number 16----, the money has come out of our account.the Li nk on my phone 0428953395 says "this ticket is no longer active". Please explain. Also my wife Kerri has the same message on her phone. 0419941612 We also purchased two tickets to Friday night football at the mcg, transaction number 201--. The printable tickets arrived via email with barcodes but not event name seat numbers etc. Our customer number I'd is 1--- Please help
I have booked tickets to see micheal McIntyre in Perth in October the 26th but when I went to print them out they are blank My email is elainejohnson77@hotmail.com My phone number is 0402000118 My transaction number was when booking was 62374
Similar experience on 20 September too. Tried booking tickets for Bruce Springstein. Order was progressed indicating all was well. After the final screen showing which tickets I had, a new message appeared saying a confirmation email could not be sent. No tickets in my "Order history", my credit card was debited for the amount and the Customer Service line is always engaged even now when it is after hours!
I am having the same issue with Bruce Springsteen tickets, and I cannot get through. What is going on???
I have the same issue as Barbara above. I have no confirmation of purchasing 4 Bruce Springsteen tickets but you have debited my credit card of a lot of money!!! Answers your phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am trying to buy tickets to the Sydney Swans and Geelong game on Friday 23rd Sept 2016. I have make a couple of mistakes now instead of 3 items in my basket there are 9. Where can I go on the site to delete the items not required?
I purchased 6 tickets for Mondter Jam in Melbourne for October 8th 7.30pm I have not received them yet, could you please let me know when they are available. My email address is mandy.dowling@yahoo.com.au Thanks
I am trying to buy a ticket for the Basketball Challenge in Brisbane TODAY and my credit card has been blocked "for security reasons". I have phoned my bank and there is nothing wrong with my card! I have spent all morning trying to contact you but to no avail!! This is certainly NOT customer service and it is absolutely unacceptable that there is not a local number we can contact to find out what is going on. The fact that you have monopoly over ticket sales is extremely frustrating! Please contact me on 0438060192 ASAP so I can get my ticket before the game starts!!
I have made a purchase for 2 Bruce Springsteen tickets that I need to exchange for the better seats that the Ticketek system failed to process for me. I kept getting the message: "Oops, That was unexpected. Please go back and try again." I was still within my time-frame to have the seats I'd selected processed but the system kept jamming... This was very frustrating over a period of 5 hours. I have now ended up with B grade rear seats that I don't want. They were the only ones that would process for me! I would like to upgrade them to front A grade seats please. I am buying them for someone who is flying in from overseas and I don't want to disappoint them with rear seats. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME BEFORE ALL SEATS ARE SOLD OUT. I have tried my best to order in advance but the Ticketek system is faulty! My order number is: 16xx treasakennedy@gmail.com
same happened to me , finally got onto ticketek and it is all sold out , FUMING ! that's was for hope estate concert
Attempting to purchase Springsteen tickets and receiving message: "For security reasons, your card has been blocked. Please contact your card issuer". My card issuing banks tell me that there is no block on my accounts and they aren't seeing any charges coming thru. I've tried calling Ticketek: But my wireless carrier tells me my calls cannot be connected. This is happening at every venue I'm attempting to purchase tickets thru. Please advise.
I am having the same problem attempting to purchase tickets to Wold time attack. What's going on ticketek???
I am very annoyed, I tried to get tickets for Bruce Springsteen in Adelaide, tried with presale Frontier touring, to no avail, then just tried with Ticketek right on 3pm the time of buying tickets, only rear view rotten seats available, can anyone explain that please? it is rigged, which is simply unfair
My tickets are not in my order history, the money has come out of my account. The website froze while I was in the middle of booking tickets for Bruce Springstien booking number Order Number: 6--
please call me urgent, 0407857330
kindly confirm booking for ballet Nutcracker on 03/12/16 2pm
I am attempting to buy Bruce Springsteen tickets and receiving message, for security reasons, your card has been blocked. Please contact your card issuer. Contacted issuer, card is fine. Please advise on how to book tickets, unable to call through to speak with a team member. This is very disappointing!
Can you please fix the credit card blocking error. This is ridiculous! I do not want to miss out another Bruce Springsteen concert. Please advise next steps!
I signed up for tickettex to get access to Austrailian open tickets. I am unable to purchase without a presale number but I am unable to find any info on obataning this information so I can purchase tickets. Can you please advise?
Same issues. Please contact me on 0422375512 Urgent. Not good service at all.
The website hung up when I was trying to put through my credit card to purchase Bruce Springsteen tickets on 20 September and nothing came through. Only last night whilst checking my account I came to realise that the money has been debited from my credit card account. No tickets from the order history. Please refund my money ASAP!!! My contact: 0408092162
I brought tickets for Bathurst last Tuesday I haven't received them yet
Could you please explain how you screwed over so many members with the Grand Final ticketing allocations? I'm priority 2 therefore guaranteed a ticket (and in a good category at that!) yet people in priority 3 (ballot NOT guaranteed a ticket) got better categories than me. You clearly did not do it in the correct order which would be: exhaust priority 1, then exhaust priority 2, then if there are any leftover tickets then and only then do priority 3 get tickets. Yet, from all the frustrations around it seemed you just haphazardly picked at random which begs the question why pay the premium on membership to be guaranteed a ticket when you clearly don't follow it! I'm aware no order was followed as there are numerous people who were priority 3 and had better categories offered then me. Also, people who were the same priority as me and had their funds taken out significantly later than me and are on level one. I'm in Q53 category 5 I may as well watch the game from my lounge room where the players and entire spectacle will not look like dots on the ground. I sent a message to you on Facebook last night & the heading says "typically replies in minutes" which is not the case. I'm asking to be contacted over this and I want to be contacted today!!! I do not want to receive your feeble reply you would give to quash the conversation going any further either.
I recently purchased 2 front row tickets to Andre Rieu and was charged $1267.65 for the two tickets. On the tickets the price is $249.00 each, which, when I went to school adds up to $498.00 Even if I add the handling fee of $4.95 plus booking fee of $274.50 $777.45. Please explain the difference and contact me on 0417259392 or michael@hannantech.com,au with a reply Thank you My7 confirmation number is 19xxxx
I have paid for 6 Springsteen tickets thanks to the glitch in your system, however only have email confirmation for 2 of them. I have managed to sell the tickets to family, however before I ask them to pay off the credit card, I need email confirmation of all tickets. I cannot get through on email or phone. Not very happy.
with ticketec we have 2 adult tickets and 3 kids (concession) tickets to the 2016 AFL GF. 1 of the kids now can't go and we would like to pay to up grade one of the concession tickets to an adult ticket. How can we do this?
I was given a ticket/voucher for my birthday. The number on the item is 65xx on the reverse 65yy Can you tell me is this a Ticket or a voucher. I want to go to the cricket at Adelaide oval. How much is this ticket or voucher worth as I want to take two other people. I do not not have anything to say I have a disability but I have a mobility scooter. I shtere anywhere SAFE to leave the scooter at the Oval.
We had the same problem as others. Bought 2 Bruce Springsteen tix and the system crashed while processing the order, with no confirmation. Managed to later get our two tix, and only now they have email our FOUR tix and charged our credit card.
After sitting for ages trying to get tickets for the Springsteen show was finally successful but when the email arrived it said your tickets are attached. But they weren't. It seems that if an agency is going to take on pre sales and sales where obviously a lot of people are going to be trying at the same time surely they should be able to handle these kinds of numbers. I now have an order number and they've taken the money from my account but no tickets.Can't get through because the number is engaged all day and night so where does that leave us who knows????we sure as heck don't.
I ordered tickets 2weeks ago for Bathurst have they been sent please contact me as its this week email Simone.berry1@hotmail .com
Could you please ring me 0478061953
I paid for Bathurst tickets on the 21st September &I haven't got them yet Bathurst is in 2days they where a gift for my dad order number1609-- contact me urgent on 0478061953 or email me Simone.berry1@hotmail.com thanks
I brought bathurst camping tickets months ago now i have driven 1300km i cant get in because you haven't sent tickets out not very happy
I have been trying to book multi session tickets (and have also tried single sessions) for the Hopman Cup online since the priorirty period (. Please advise!!!!
Tickets for Andre rieu concert were not attached to email. Number is constantly engaged. Please contact me on 0400170355 thanks
Been tryng for hours to speak to someone please call urgently on 0417 348 516
I have two tickets for Andre' Rieu in Rod Laver Arena Melbourne on Tue 25 oct 2016 but actually I will do a surgery in the same day in morning, one ticket for $129 so please if you can help me with that it will be good , if someone need the two tickets. That was for my sister birthday but we have a bad luck. Thanks maggie_zaki@yahoo.com 0420787774
Hey im trying to get a refund for bring me the horizon concert tickets in melbourne becouse I cant not aytend the new dates please contact me on 0479077249 please leave a voice mail if I cant anwser I work 12 hours a day.my email is Nickosmg@gmail.com.
I made a booking for the Australian Tennis Open which was confirmed. On checking my bank account I find I have been charged twice for the transaction. I am unable to get in touch with customer service & unable to email customer service as the address does not come up on the web site. Please contact me on bruceedmonds1@bigpond.com. Thanks
I am awaiting a refund for my ellie goulding tickets whose perth concert was cancelled, I have tried getting to someone but keep getting generic responses!! Not good enough! the money was meant to be deposited back on card within 10 days it has been months. Can somone email me c1murphy@bigpond.com or call me 0413 800 553
Hi have been trying to purchase tickets for the Brisbane Tennis in January 2017. Cannot proceed beyond choosing seats.. What is wrong with the system your end?
I am so annoyed that when I have tried to buy tickets to a Brisbane Bullets game here in Brisbane, I can't buy any. Yet in the resale ticket space, there are people selling them left right and centre. This is not right. Are people just buying them to make a profit from it. Be interesting to see what Brisbane Bullets say.
I am trying to contact ticketek but just get engaged signal all the time. I purchased 6 tickets to Cirque du Soleil in Brisbane on Thursday December 15th at 8.00 pm - I have not received my tickets via email or mail - I need to get a physical copy of the tickets so that we can attend the show. My email address is djconway1@bigpond.com My phone number is 0428286206
I have been trying to obtain tickets to the Danny green fight in Adelaide for the 3rd Feb 2017 but for some reason my password won't work I have secured tickets to the wonder of you concert in Melbourne without any problems.
Did you get a response as I had the same issue.
I ordered tickets for Australian tennis in Melbourne I paid for tickets on 3/10/2016 can you tell me when I will receive them. my email address is denisejefferys1@gmail.com
I ordered tickets for the Australian Open tennis on 8th September and chose regular mail. When will I receive them. Email address : bjhun007@bigpond.net.au
I haven't received my Bruce Springsteen tickets yet and I can't get through to Customer service either despite having tried for days.
I booked Bruce Springsteen tix on my phone and accidently selected pickup from venue when I needed them to be mailed.Please
For the premier ticket agency in Australia you need to sort out some Customer Service. Answering your phones might be a good start.
I tried to book pre-tickets to Don Henley concert for March 2017, but no luck so waited until the 28th November and booked then. Only thing was the tickets were supposed to be $145.00 each but after the $41.00 processing fee for each ticket amounting to $82.00 plus other fees and now checked my CC details to have another fee being foreign fee. So I have been charged over approx $100.00 for my original priced tickets. Pretty disappointed really. Why not tell us of these extra fees before we book. Who is Viagogo anyway - are they part of ticketek.
Same thing has happened to me All the way through to payment Then it says error security on card and I cant get onto anyone Grrr..
On 30th November 2016 my travel agent ordered and paid for two ( 2 ) three day ground pass or tickets to the 2017 Australian Open tennis, for me. They are for the 22nd through to 24th January. The passes were to be sent to me via e-mail to my web address. When will receive them? Regards Colin
I booked tickets for the Disney on Ice next July 2017 and ticketek have taken the money out twice at the time my computer was slow and I could have put the payment thru twice but they should be able to see that....I only have one receipt of payment and only I set of tickets I paid $81.99 for 3 VIP tickets and the money was debited out of my account twice. I want half of my refund back I want to know when will I get my refund I have put in an email on the ticketek website but have had no reply please check this oversite and advise. regards Cathy want reply
I purchased Bruce Springsteen tickets on the 10th November for the Sydney show on the 9th. Still no tickets arrived. I cant seem to locate a phone number to make an inquiry. Customer ID: 14829815
hi there i both on line 3 tickets carlos santana 5th of december i have not get the ticket yet?
Hi, i talked some hours ago with a customer service agent, she was very nice but i forgot to change my address
On 28th Dec 2016 I went online to Ticketek to purchase 2 tickets for 'Kinky Boots' at Her Majesty's Theatre at $85, for Wed 11 Jan 2017. I was getting stressed, as I wanted to take my daughter, with cancer, for her birthday on that day & the site kept on saying that tickets were limited, but strangely enough they are still available. I ended up paying $502.45 to International Viagogo Event Tickets, Geneva. My print at home tickets show Stalls1-W7 & 8, for $70 dollars each. Confirmation No 19029-161227, Account No 18398209, whereas my Account Number is 18667265. How has this happened & why such exhobitant fees? Have I been scammed on you 'presumed' site?
Booked tickets for tonight's big bash in Hobart. Thought had booked in top tier of Ricky Ponting Stand paid premium reserve and just found out in the Budget stand on the other side of the ground. If anyone thinks these seats are premium they are dreaming. At ground level looking into the sun and the kids can't see over the front rails. Very poor
i have purchased 4 guest passes to the 20/20 match at adealide oval on Friday night but they are not on the ticket history area of ticketek so that I can print out at this stage. Can you email through to mark.shirley@sa.gov.au please.
I bought tickets on your site on 28th December for Wed 11 Jan 2017 AT 1.00 PM, for $70.00 Door 2 Stalls1- Row W Seat 7 & 8. My Visa Card was debited $502 45, & shown to RETAIL PURCHASE-INTERNATIONAL VIAGOGO EVENT TICKETS Geneva. Why so & who are these people? This is ridiculous & needs a refund immediately. I have emailed before with no response. I have been a member with Ticketek for many years with never a problem. Nola Nugent Member 18667265.
I took an hour chosing three tickets for Aus v Pakistan on 22/01/17, went through the whole payment process and suddenly ... back to the home page. However, when I went back to the seating plan, the seats I'd booked (not "best available") where blocked out. It looked like they were mine. However, there has been no email acknowledgement, no receipt number and there are now no more tickets in that price range!! I had immediately emailed Ticketek to ask for help and someone replied pretty quickly asking for my details. Heard nothing since.
I called to the phone number and i contacted with customer service, at least a number which works!!
The Ticketek 132 849 number is continuously busy - I have tried for the past week. There is no email address listed on their site. I can't contact them to answer a question in regard to the tickets I have purchased. This is really bad customer service and I would be hesitant to use their site again.
Thanks ticketek, great support service!!
I purchased (and paid for) grandstand tickets for the Rugby 7s in Sydney this weekend. I have found out today that I am not even guaranteed to get a seat to watch the women's team playing as they have been allocated the warm-up field. Unbelievable! I feel that this has been false advertising by Ticketek! I have also had to purchase airfares to get to Sydney. What a waste of my money now!!!!!!!! You should have been more transparent with this and so should the ARU!
i keep calling 132 849 and its engaged. i need to speak to you ticketek!!! what customer service. seriously.
I bought 2 tickets for the Lego Brick man Feb 4. I hv received 3 n on my credit card u hv charged for 4. I only want three Thank you
Still waiting for Guns n roses tickets, Can't get anyone from ticketek to talk. Absolute joke, never again will I deal with ticketek... Useless
I called ticketek and the assistance was great, my experience is completely different than previous comment
I need help with tickets for Kinky Boots...I have booked the wrong time and need to change these. Please help
I want tickets for Justin concert in Sydney. Please contact me
i need to resale my tickets can i do it?
Hi, I ordered and paid for four tickets (order number 170303,66359, Disney's Aladdin, the hit broadway musical, Her Majesty's Theatre, 219 Exhibition Street Melbourne Vic 3000) for 2pm performance Saturday 29th July). I also paid an extra $8.05 for delivery to Patricia Chesterman, 16 Beddome Street, Sandy Bay Tasmania 7005 Australia. The order went through Ticketek on the 3rd March 2017. I still have no tickets. Where are they? Trying to get though on the phone number that Ticketek gives their customers entirely hopeless. Please let me know what is going on. My email address is tricia7975@gmail.com. If, by some miracle you should try to ring me, you can contact me on o448436272. Thank you, Tricia Chesterman.
I have registered for the Anzac day @ Villers-Bretonneux service for 2018 but the application form on question 20 lists it as 2019 and not 2018 as the rest of the application , is this a typo ?
I have been on the computer since 10.50 waiting to purchase Bruno Mars tickets. The first time I was put on hold for 35 minutes in the queue and couldn't get tickets unless I wanted individual. I am trying to purchase 6 so we obviously want to be seated together. The Saturday concert was announced, I have now been in the queue for half an hour so far and still waiting.
I just managed to secure 4 tickets to Ed Sheeran Section 640 Row 69 only to get to proceed to payment and it said unexpected error go back and by the time I did that the tickets were gone and now allocation exhausted - what happened as I don't understand - it was nothing to do with my end.
I have lodged 3 electronic customer feedback instances and have references, noting contact will be made the following day. 3 in 5 days and no one has bothered to call. I have tried for 5 days to call losing count at 223 times. The number is engaged. I need to contact Ticketek urgently. What's the issue please. No where to make any sort of complaint....only the feedback avenue.
I have not received my tickets purchased, may i contact with Ticketek customer service?. your phone number is engaged and i need to contact someone
your phone service is good can you vote for best service in Australia?
Reference: Effie the Virgin Bride Old date: 10 June 2017 New date: 16 July 2017 Have purchased 4 tickets, which I have paid for, the venue and date was subsequently changed, I was notified that you were going to resend tickets for the new date and venue. At present, have not received my new tickets .... have made several attempts to contact you but to no avail. Kindly forward me the new tickets (which I have already paid for) ... my email address is: jbouletos1962@hotmail.com Mobile phone: 0404 489 700
I purchased 2 tickets to the roosters v sharks football game to be played at Central Coast Stadium on 1 July 2017 yesterday 28 June 2017 and gave wrong Email address. The correct Email address is jdjhome1@bigpond.com.Please send tickets to this Email so I can print them off Mobile phone: 0408228819
What an absolute cockup at last nights PBR event in Cairns! Arrived to find our tickets were invalid and was told to queue up at the Ticketek office behind about 100 other people in the same boat and was then given different seats to the one we chose and paid for!!! The event was delayed for half an hour until the ticketing fiasco was cleaned up.