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ThyssenKrupp AG is a German multinational industrial group with profitable business operations in Australia. The company was individual businesses operating under the names Thyssen Ag and Krupp before the merger in 1999 to become a conglomerate today. ThyssenKrupp before the merger had very successful business activities in Australia with a long-standing history spanning over 150 years.
Today, ThyssenKrupp operates under five subsidiaries in Australia for efficient operation and customer service:
ThyssenKrupp Lifts Pacific Pty offering elevator technology;
ThyssenKrupp Mannex Pty Limited offering importation and marketing of steel products;
ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (Australia) Pty offers engineering, design and construction services for the industrial, chemical, and petrochemical sectors in Australia.
ThyssenKrupp Materials Trading Australia Pty., Ltd., offering a broad range of metal and metal-related products.
ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Australia offers specialist ship design and engineering services.
ThyssenKrupp activities in Australia dates back a long time, with the first office under the name Krupp (Australia) Pty., Ltd., opened in Sydney in 1965 before the merger between Thyssen and Krupp in 1999. The company carries on businesses in elevators, escalators and moving walkways. You can contact ThyssenKrupp through its relevant subsidiary’s office ThyssenKrupp phone number.
Through these subsidiaries, ThyssenKrupp offers high capabilities in rolled steel, pipes and tubes, machinery and equipment for mining and mineral processing and petrochemical plants, marine systems and elevators, escalators and moving walkways. The subsidiary companies provide rewarding employment to more than 900 employees.
ThyssenKrupp has Australia as its fourth largest markets in the Asia-Pacific region with annual estimated sales figure of €43 billion.

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