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SYDNEY TRAINS Contact Customer Service

Sydney Trains started to operated in 2013 and provide all suburban passenger rail services in Sydney. The owner i the New South Wales Government.
The network has around 180 station, which has to be cleaned daily, and 8 lines. Line 1 is North Shore, Northern & Western Line. Line 2 is Airport, Inner West & South Line. Line 3 is Bankstown Line. Line 4 is Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line. Line 5 is Cumberland Line. Line 6 is Carlingford Line. Line 7 is Olympic Park Line. Line 8 is South West Rail Link.
It seems the number of trespasses is getting down in 2015 and Sydney trains is working hard to avoid this situation. Sydney trains phone number can be found above and will help you with timetables, tickets, information and much more info.
Sydney trains is a rail network that provides movement to people within the suburbs of Australia in particular serving the cities of Sydney and New South Wales. The rail network is commonly referred to as a hybrid suburban-commuter railway because it operates between a city center and outer suburbs extending up to beyond 15km as well as commuter towns- locations that draw large amount of people that travel every day.
Sydney trains operates for 21 hours a day with the trains moving at various designated intervals at different points along the railroad network. It has a central underground core that covers more than 500 miles as well almost 180 stations across 7 lines. On weekends, frequency of movement is reduced since it is not a working day and a lot of people use that opportunity to relax in their homes.
The transport authority of New South Wales controls the rail network of Sydney trains and ensures that proper operations are carried out.
Sydney trains has a website where people can find out more information or make bookings and as such, there is a contact us option on their website as well as respective Sydney trains phone numbers for making personal inquiries so that people can enjoy good customer service.

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If you are going to encourage people to use the train to the airport you MUST ensure the lift at central to the platform is working . Older people cannot carry cases up stairs. typical !