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Swan Taxis Customer Service for bookings

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Swan Taxis was developed by Matt Reid in 1928 now Swan Taxis has personal public transport service to the Perth metropolitan community. This service includes standard and special needs taxis and, our motorists are targeted, hardworking people have dedicated their skills and amount of time in providing an essential service to your community through Swan Taxis Small.

Swan Taxis is a definite example of former successes. We regularly strive to improve our service through new technology and by hearing our customers, individuals, and industry associates altogether. Magic Service is a company category version of any taxicab service, motivated by the most professional and top notch individuals in the carrying on business.

This fleet is focused on quality service for our valued customers by giving the best standards of courtesy, reliability, and service. All individuals are in standard and have been extensively trained in order to make your travel a safe and nice journey. Silver Service drivers will greet you at the door, come directly into reception to pick-up the passenger, open car doors, give advice about luggage where required and generally supply the extras operating you'll experience when traveling business class in a taxi.

If you require any more information regarding learning to be a driver for Swan Taxis, please contact Swan Taxis via phone Swan Taxis address: 7 Harvey St, Victoria Park WA 6100, Australia

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i need a cab urgently, my phone numbers is 02 3482 121