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SUBWAY AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Subway is a fast food sub sandwich restaurant, known for its slogan “eat fresh.” The Subway franchise is the largest restaurant operator in the world, with 44,692 restaurants in a total of 111 countries. In addition to sandwiches, Subway offers salads, baked goods, and pizzas as products for sale.
The BMT (an abbreviation for Bigger, Meatier, Tastier) is the restaurant’s best selling sandwich, containing meats such as pepperoni, salami, and ham. Subway was founded in 1965 when entrepreneur Fred DeLuca, searching for a way to pay for medical school, opened a sandwich shop. Now, Subway has over 21,000 franchisees. Subway is renowned for their service, placed as first in “Top Service” from a Zagat survey in 2009, and the second top company overall.
Subway is also famous for its advertising; many may be familiar with Subway commercials featuring Peter Griffin (a cartoon character from American TV show, Family Guy), instant win games derived from Scrabble, various product placement campaigns including in the TV show Chuck, and the infamous and controversial spokesman, Jared Fogle. Subway offers a customer service phone number, an ordering online feature on the Subway website, and catering

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