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Stubhub Customer Service

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Stubhub wants its customers to use its website to search for answers to their questions on its frequently asked questions first before contacting the customer service to respond to their inquiries fasters.

If a customer still needs help, Stubhub provides various communication channels through which the customers can contact StubHub customer service for a solution as listed below: Stubhub provides chat facility where customers can chat directly with the customer service to resolve queries.

The chat is available 24/7 on mobile and computer devices for wider access. Any customer who is comfortable using the chat feature can do so at any time on Stubhub website. Additionally, StubHub provides a toll-free telephone number 1 866 788 2482 for clients in the US and Canada to call its customer service on weekdays between the hours 5.00am and 9.00pm and Weekends from 5.00am to 8.00pm. Any customer requiring assistance after the stipulated hours should use the chat feature.

Customers calling from outside the US and Canada can use the following StubHub phone number: France number 0805 54 25 74 and all other countries in the number +1 415 222.8400. International long distance callers should note that long distance call rate may apply to their calls.

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May i contact with Stubhub via chat?
Need help re directing my ticket
Can someone please get in contact with me about my tickets to the bledisloe cup in Brisbane on 21/10/17 I was told that the tickets were going to get sent to my email then I could print them out, $ has been taken out of my acc as well my email is pahau_williams@icloud.com
I would like someone from stubhub Australia to contact me about tickets I have bought for Aus vs New Zealand on 21/10/17. The number I have been calling does not connect 1800770534 Please use the email I have commented on to reply please Julesrussell21@gmail.com
I NEED someone to contact me urgently regarding my tickets to an event. I have still not received them, they need to be sent to me ASAP. I can’t fknd an Australian call centre. Please email me on Ashleigh.pike3@det.nsw.edu.au